BXB Four Products Won 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award for Fifth Consecutive Years!

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Writer / VP Office

BXB President Penny Wu and Vice president Jerry Hung participated in the 25th Taiwan Excellence Awarding ceremony on Feb. 15th. BXB registered 4 products and all are chosen from the 1155 competitor’s products. It is also our pleasure to win the prize fifth years continuously. ICP-5072 Graphical control software is the winner of software that hardly awarded as software, which means BXB’s soft power has been recognized!

Putting customer’s needs in priority is BXB’s core value. Have established for 26 years, BXB continuously works on product technique and brand marketing in order to provide a high integration and customized solution. BXB’s winners this year are all products of ICP-5000 IP-based Audio and Video Broadcasting and Smart Management, the representative of entering the field of IoT and smart management. The system keeps up with the international trend, upgrading traditional broadcasting voice to video and multi-channel broadcasting.

ICP-5000 system integration and the combination of hardware and software can be applied to a wider and more flexible extent. We include VoIP and IoT so that the system can be operated to set and carry out emergency evacuation, disaster prevention alarm, audio and video intercom, security surveillance system, and fixed time scheduling to reach smart management efficiently. BXB’s comprehensive integration can include following functions:

1) Achieve multi-channel audio & video broadcasting At the same time, ICP-5000 can transmit 8-CH Full-HD messages to the maximum of 999 receivers. The broadcasting modes include silent broadcasting (only display image and text), mix broadcasting (audio and text at the same time), and video broadcasting. All modes of messages can be displayed on the LED screen and electronic bulletin.

2) Schedule arrangement and auto-broadcasting without manual control It is inconvenient and takes much time to get to the control room for broadcasting. ICP-5000 can be used for time announcement, routine broadcasting, and special event promotion. Daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly schedule can be set beforehand. Setting not to play during holidays in order not to disturb residents nearby is also feasible.

3) Support telephone broadcasting You can use ordinary telephone or extension one to have remote-control telephone broadcasting. Moreover, in order to spread information more quickly, connecting to fixed line (such as Chunghwa Telecom) can be applied with telephone or mobile phone doing remote-control audio broadcasting.

4) Support mobile Commanding via APP Except directly dialing to do mobile phone broadcasting, you can also have WiFi streaming remote-control broadcasting via WiFi. Besides, you can also type text on the mobile phone, and system will instantly convert text into TTS broadcasting.

5) Protect personal safety as the mission:
Emergency call and door security: When facing dangers, you can press emergency call button to send back the message to response center. Administrator can monitor and hinder the suspect immediately.
Surveillance system: Computers, tablets and smartphones are all available for remote connection to have real-time surveillance. You don’t need to assign anybody to stand by all the time.
Two-way video intercommunication: People can directly call for assistance from the site. Administrator can have intercom with people on-site directly and give the best solution. And he or she can guide efficiently and doesn’t need to go back and forth.

6) Instant and automatic earthquake warning function : Once the Central Weather Bureau releases earthquake warning message, it will trigger PA system to provide citizens emergency response.
6) Instant and automatic earthquake warning function
Once the Central Weather Bureau releases earthquake warning message, it will trigger PA system to provide citizens emergency response.

7) All-zone environmental control reaches green energy and energy saving :ICP-5000 can be the switch of electrical appliance, such as TV, projectors, fans, CATV selection, and volume control to have once and complete management. Moreover, working with central control software to count time can produce frequency of use statistics and upload it to cloud to get rid of manual operation. Furthermore, ambient conditions such as air quality, environmental temperature and humidity, noise can also be analyzed to build database to have alert for abnormal environment.

We are sincerely thank to support of Bureau of Foreign Trade and TAITRA to make BXB have great reputation all over the world. Each award motivates BXB to be innovative. We expect ICP-5000 can continue the honor of Taiwan Excellence that can be installed in Smart Campus, Smart Factory, Smart Community and even to Smart City. BXB’s awarded products are exhibited in Taiwan Excellence Building of Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Everyone is welcomed to visit and take a look of them!