Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the categories below to find the answers to some of the most common questions or problems users come across.

• Customer Service (5)

If you need remote support, please contact our sales. We would arrange a time to solve your problems via the remote desktop software or video conferencing software you wish.

You can check the latest firmware version from the DOWNLOADS of our website. For some products, you could update the firmware via the WEB UI easily.

To offer better user experiences, we offer Facebook Messenger tool on our website for instant and seamless communication. You could also contact us via our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Line@ID:

Most of BXB’s products are sold by local dealers/distributors/SI. First of all, you could ask your supplier for help. Or, you could refer to the instruction manual attached with the package or from DOWNLOADS of our website. If you still couldn’t find the answer, please contact our FAE.

Yes! If you do notice a problem with any product within the first year of purchase, please contact us with a description of the fault. We offer a 5-year warranty for components; 1-year for the main part of the product. To know more about our quality policy, please visit here.

• Digital Conference System (4)

BXB’s flush-mounted unit with hand-held microphone can be embedded inside of the armchair. Just take out the microphone to speak or vote.

(Know more about our microphone products)

You can find the default ID number on the label of the package. You can also check it from the LCD display of the MCU. To revise the ID number, please configure it via the graphical control software or the MCU.

(Know more about our microphone products)

We strongly suggest you using BXB’s standard STP-shield cables and registered jack for excellent system stability.

(Know more about our microphone products)

BXB offers several series of conference systems for different meeting venues and scenarios. Thus, the maximum microphone units connected can be varied. For instance, the maximum for EDC-2000-V2 series is 265 units; UFO-2000 & FCS-6300 series 1009 units. If you require more than these, please contactBXB for system expansion.

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• ICP-5100 Multimedia PA System (2)

Via RS-232/IR control

The aim of sharing the existing network is to save the construction cost. However, before using the shared network, we suggest you check the traffic peak of the current network in advance. And then, you require evaluating the multimedia contents, estimated network traffic, and the efficacy that you wish ICP-5100 to achieve. If both your traffic and using frequency are high, you need to do network expansion for the shared network. To save your cost more, ICP-5100 has its own network that makes you keep your original network using habit as well as ensures ultra-low latency and premium AV transmission quality.

• Image Tracking Products (3)

It’s ok. No problem

You can use HCK-700S camera controller or integrate the central control system. If you request for camera command, please contact our FAE.

You can set the preset position for each microphone via the conference main unit and GUI interface.

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• Networked AVoIP Solution (1)

There is no security issue because we deliver data (JEPG 2000) via LAN (local area network), rather than connect to other networks. Moreover, JPEG 2000 format is made from a security framework.

• Streaming & Capturing Solution (7)

No limitation. Just use Web page to control different machines with different IP addresses.

You can choose any layouts you need through Web GUI interface. Also, you can customize your creative layouts with overlaying images to make live streaming more attractive.

No special setting. Just press the Record button, it will record all input resources and PGM video separately.

It can do recording and live streaming at the same time. The video can not only be recorded in the internal 1TB hard disc but also the external USB flash disc.

There’s the built-in 1TB hard drive. You can also use USB flash disk and NAS for data saving. If you have other storage demands, please contact your sales.

BXB HDR-731 supports two live-streaming platforms simultaneously. Just configure the settings via Web-based software.

Compatible with every mainstream platform including Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch, and 100+ platforms via RTMP, HLS, RTSP, HLS, RTSP, and TS protocols.