Matrix Switchers - AV over IP Solution

Via high-end technology as IoT, big data, video streaming, and cloud technology, BXB’s AVoIP system integrates functions including multimedia public addressing, environmental control, data display, video matrix switch, and many more. The system constructs a large matrix of video sources and displays that can be interconnected. Learn how to select the right matrix switcher for your A/V system in the post-pandemic era here.

Key Features of BXB’s Matrix Switchers

Breakthrough Distance Limit

When the transmission distance reaches 100 meters or more, the cost of cabling and labor would increases significantly. With AV over IP, all signals are transmitted via network cables, and IP switchers are able to be connected in series. Thus, the distance transmission for hundreds of meters is no longer a problem. Also, all AV signals can be forwarded to the cloud and it's easier to manage remote AV devices.

High Scalability

In traditional A/V, it's limited with the number of input/output ports of AV matrix switchers. Once the system is installed, there is lack of flexibility for the expansion and change. Recabling would be also needed. Conversely, AVoIP is highly scalable. IP switchers can be easily connected, the number of endpoint devices can be arbitrarily expanded and adjusted, and it offers users the AV system within the budget.

Cost-effective Solution

AVoIP can apply the existing IT network infrastructure for cost saving. The more endpoints installed, the more cost saving will be. In tradition A/V, the more endpoints and devices, the more input and output ports of AV matrix switchers are required. On the contrary, IP switcher is scalable and the cost is acceptable. As installing more terminal devices , the cost-effectiveness of the entire system will be more obvious.

Matrix Switchers/Video Matrix Switchers

Multimedia PA System

From scheduling, paging, multimedia teaching, power control, security, disaster warning, matrix switching, and information display, ICP-5100 is the system that offers the total solution for smart campus and business buildings.

VDM Series- Networked AVoIP Solution

High functionality, ultra-low latency, limitless. Easily extend, switch, and split your AV sources with 1-to-1, 1-to-many, many-to-many networks. Check out our video matrix switchers.

HDBaseT 4K HDMI+USB Extender

Extend HDMI signals with HDBaseT zero-latency, no-compression transmission. Free & easy without distance limit!

Matrix Switcher Application Areas

Business building, hotel

Meeting, education

Command Center

Transit Management