Technology reforms the government’s operation to more effective way. BXB’s solution can be applied to intersectional negotiation scenario with voting, meeting recording, and event live streaming to offer a convenient, open, efficient services to the public. Stability, scalability, efficacy, and convenience are the keys that the government takes into consideration.

Full-function Meeting Solution

BXB offers varied digital conference solutions, including standard, advanced, voting, flush-mounted, hand-held, and professional ones for any meeting purpose.

Smart, Stable, Scalable Soution

BXB's excellent sound quality, voice-activation technique, and mobile control via smart phone/tablet can easily make the meeting smarter, offering an immersive experience.

Trustworthy Quality & Stability

Stability is the key to the system used for government and international venues. BXB has many successful cases at more than 100 countries and abundant experiences of installing hundred-people system.

Application Cases


49th Pacific Islands Forum, Nauru

BXB offers the international-standard conference system to the forum. The voice-activation mode can precisely recognizes the front speaker’s voice and then turn on the microphone automatically. Speaker's image auto-tracking function makes all the attendees focus more on the facial expressions and the speaking contents of the other speakers as well as increase the degree of attendee’s participation and involvement.

韓國仁川廣域市政府, 韓國, 政府, BXB, 卡訊, 會議系統

Incheon Metropolitan City Government

BXB's FUN microphone supports auto-off and “Temporarily Stop Talking” mode to ease the chairman controlling the meeting order. Working with speaker's image auto-tracking mode, after the microphone detects the speaker’s voice, the camera would close up the speaker’s face automatically, making all the attendees clearly know the present speaker.


Beijing Local Taxation Bureau Chaoyang Branch

BXB's FCS-6300 offers stable system with clear sound, easy operation, and convenient management, making the meetings for tax affair promotion and proposals be held smoothly.

沙烏地阿拉伯教育部, BXB, 卡訊, 會議系統, 政府

The Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia

BXB's EDC conference system is stable, good sound quality and easy to operate for different departments people who do not have technical background. It can seamlessly integrates with the present audiovisual equipment such as Panasonic projector, Kramer switching system, and Bose sound system.

Poviat, 政府, BXB, 卡訊, 會議系統, EDC

Starost Office of the Poviat, Poland

Black and white colors of flush mounted unit is equipped with earphone and recording jacks. It also integrates with Crestron Media Presentation Controller and column speakers of Polish producer Rduch, offering a simple and intuitive solution with excellent sound quality.

Recommended Products

FCS-6300, 會議系統, 全功能, BXb, 卡訊

FCS-6300 Full-function Conference System

Highly-integrated conference system enhancing the level and efficacy of your meeting, satisfying all needs of varied meeting venues.

UFO-2000, conference system, BXB

UFO-2000 Advanced Conference System

Delicate & elegant outlook with excellent sound quality, you can enjoy a stylish and high-end meeting

EDC, 會議系統, BXB, 卡訊

EDC Basic Conference System

Easily meet the basic needs of a meeting. Easy-to-use and economical, but highly concerning about the sound quality and system stability. EDC is the one that lets you communicate without boundaries.

會議系統, BXB, 卡訊, 投票表決

FCS-3000 Advanced Conference System

Offer you an easy-to-use and quick voting function during the meeting