Image Control System


VT-725 Video Tracking Controller

  • Easy control and setup: Effortlessly configure the BXB HAC-701 and UAC-801 cameras, adjusting default positions, Zoom in/out, movement speed, and other functions.
  • Support for up to 1011 physical pre-set points: This includes 1009 conference microphones and 2 HOME points, catering to various venue sizes and requirements.
  • Unlimited virtual positioning points: Without the need for conference mic linkage, in open seating areas within the venue, an unlimited number of screen tracking points can be preset.
  • Precise multi-camera control: Manage up to 16 cameras to capture multiple areas at once.
  • Automatic scenario switching: When there is no one speaking, the system can automatically switch the screen back to panoramic or a designated view (e.g., chairman’s view). If someone forgets to turn off the microphone after speaking, the system will automatically switch to the specified view when the last microphone is closed, avoiding screen occupation, reducing communication barriers, and enhancing meeting efficiency.
  • Simple web page control: Easily configure and monitor camera screens through a PC or tablet without the need to download additional driver software.
  • Seamless integration with multiple interfaces: Connect to various conference hosts using RS-232, link to camera control panels with RS-485, and interconnect with multiple devices through RJ-45 network communication via network switches.
  • High-Definition HDMI Output: Output the IP camera’s video at 1920*1080 resolution.

End-of-Life Notice

HDS-720 Network AV Controller

  • IP camera control: set and save the preset points of BXB PTZ cameras. Support the total of 1011 points (conference unit x 1009 + HOME + panorama view) and control the maximum of 16 cameras.
  • Intuitive web interface: configure the system settings and control & monitor the camera’s images on the web browser via the PC or mobile devices.
  • Equipped with RS-232 port: connect with UFO-2050 and EDC-2051 Conference MCU to control the camera.
  • Equipped with RS-485 port: connect with HCK-700 Compact Camera Controller to control the camera.
  • Equipped with RJ45 port: connect with FCS-6350 Conference MCU to remotely control the camera over network.
HCK-700, 攝影機控制, camera control

HCK-700 Compact Camera Controller

  • RS-232C / RS-422 interfaces allow long-distance communication
  • High brightness OLED display
  • Auto backlight key
  • Joystick for Pan/Tilt/Zoom and focusing
  • Up to 128 preset modes to allow for ease use in all environments
  • Easy operation of versatile camera adjustments