Education focuses on the future. From the basic education to college, the integration of various digital equipment and technology is indispensable. BXB supports teachers applying digital tools to effectively transmit knowledge to learners. Simultaneously, learners can be more concentrate on the learning, which greatly enhancing the learning quality experience.

The high integration of teaching, learning, and technology is definitely the best practice of future education.

Smart Education Solution

Smart education introduces digital teaching equipment and methohds into new-generation classrooms. BXB offers total solutions for smart classrooms, integrating remote teaching system, live streaming & capturing equipment, audio broadcasting, and multimedia teaching equipment. We support educational organizations with diversified learning environment.

Construct Smart Campus

The AV IoT solution BXB offers is for the teaching, broadcasting, and digital learning not only at classrooms, discussion rooms, and offices, but at border environment on campus including campus gate, student cafeteria, playground, and other learning fields. Learning space is unlimited.

Safe & Healthy Campus

BXB not only cares about learning environment, but the safety of campus. BXB's solution integrates earthquake warning, air quality push-notification, fire alarm and more. It supports RS-232, RS-485, and dry contact environmental control signals, making campus smarter, energy-effective, and safer.

Technology Enhances Learning Efficacy

It's normal to apply video, digital music, and streaming media on teaching at the modern classroom. BXB's centralized management system is flexible and customized-made, which can integrates all the multimedia teaching sources with school's daily schedule.

Smart Education|Application Cases

明道中學, ICP-5000

Ming Dao High School

Ming Dao High School is a famous multidisciplinary school in Taichung, which includes a junior high school. There’re more than 7,000 students and the campus area is much border than other schools. Therefore, a sound signal transmission and message announcement system is certainly essential to the school.

香港, PA

PLK C. W. Chu College, Hong Kong

BXB's system offers single-zone/group broadcasting and school bell ringing based on the school's daily schedule. The school can also use the PABX doing telephone broadcasting, making campus PA more flexible and instant.

正修科技大學, BXB, 卡訊, 會議系統

Cheng Shiu University, Taiwan

This meeting hall is usually rent for off-campus activities, meetings, and non-political events. BXB’s flush-mounted microphone system is applied to provide users more spaces of table use. Via speaker's image auto-tracking function, the speaker’s image can be shown on the main screen of the meeting hall.

香港恒生大學, BXB, 卡訊, 會議系統

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

Teachers and students normally have interactive discussion and voting time during the class. BXB's digital conference sysem can avoid sound feedback, echo, and noises, performing the excellent sound quality. The lid of the voting interface on the microphone unit ensures the privacy of voting.

Smart Education|Recommended Products

ICP-5100 Multimedia Broadcasting System

Applies IoT, streaming, and cloud technology that enables the integration of multimedia broadcasting, security, digital learning, environmental control, nd more. It realizes smart campus and constructs a convenient, safe, and happy learning environment.

Two-way PA Control Unit

WMP-2100 Digital Addressable PA System

All-in-one designed combining many controlling functions, including environmental broadcasting, emergency call, door-lock Security, and energy management. Stable and easy to install.

IP Recording & Livestreaming Solution

Record and livestream the interaction, learning feedback, and multimedia teaching materials at the same time. The recorded data can be reviewed anytime and accumulates learning big data, realizing flipped-classroom and remote teaching purposes.

FCS-6300, 會議系統, 全功能, BXb, 卡訊

FCS-6300 Full-function Conference System

Adaptable with audiovisual classrooms, lecture rooms, and meeting halls. It offers discussion, voting, student's image auto-tracking, and more interactive functions. Working with IP recording & livestreaming system, it's an ideal solution for remote teaching.