SC-100 Smart AVIoT Controller

  • Custom module control: quickly create control modules through the Web, enabling one-page control of all devices and power sources. Real-time management via computer or tablet enhances control convenience, ensuring efficient environmental mastery.
  • Time-saving scheduling: connect to BXB AVoverIP Controller to set scenarios, select calendars, and schedule device operations. Simplify daily execution, making environmental control smoother. This also saves more setup time.
  • Screen layout control: connect to BXB AVoIP Controller to zoom in or scale specific areas of the projection screen, focusing on essential content. With easy drag-n-drop, you can easily switch image sources and change screen layouts depending on the scenario.
  • Ultimate matrix display presentation: connect to distributed matrix devices to quickly switch screens of video wall, set display direction according to the situation. Enhance the visual impact vividly and remarkably.
  • Real-time video control: connects seamlessly with the video tracking controller, enabling instant control of PTZ camera tracking, automatically switching back to panoramic or specific views based on the scenario, ensuring efficiency during meetings.
  • Live-streaming & image recording: connect to the streaming media processor, allowing live-streaming, recording, layout switch, and screen arrangement through SC-100 UI, enhancing the presentation and digital recording for more comprehensive experience.


PSC-801 Power Sequencer Controller

  • Diverse Power Interfaces: Equipped with 8 controllable universal power outlets and 8 backlit buttons on the front panel, allowing easy power control. Additionally, it features 1 universal socket and 2 USB power output ports for regular power supply.
  • Customizable Switching Sequence: Each socket can be set with a delay time of 1 to 999 seconds, executing sequential or alternate switching based on usage needs.
  • Precise Timing Controls: Each socket supports scheduled timing switches, accommodating up to ten pre-scheduled timeframes.
  • Full-Color Touchscreen Display: The 2.2-inch TFT-LCD touchscreen displays the current time, voltage values, and related settings. The front panel’s rotary knob allows easy configuration of sequential switch seconds, scheduled timing switches, and other functions, providing precise control.
  • Flexible Expansion with Various Ports: Equipped with RS-232 or RS-485 and I/O control interfaces, and featuring independent serial input/output ports, it can connect with up to 255 controllers.
  • Integration with Various Control Devices: With multiple power switch controls and diverse ports, it integrates seamlessly with conference, broadcast, and other device systems for environmental control.
  • Comprehensive Protection for Safety and Reliability: Automatically shuts off power in case of excessively high or low voltage, effectively preventing damage caused by voltage instability, ensuring the safety and reliability of your equipment and user experience.
  • Seamless Integration for Remote Control: Equipped with remote control trigger control points for external connection to other devices for remote control. In case of a short circuit, the power supply will automatically open sequentially, while in case of an open circuit, it will sequentially close in the opposite direction, enhancing system integration convenience.

PSC-1202 Sequence Power Control Unit

  • Turn on/ off power sequential control
  • RS-485 port control up to 15 apparatuses
  • RS-232 or USB port to connect control software and other environmental control system (AMX or Crestron).
  • AC overload protector
  • Turn on/ trigger on contacts

PSC-A122 Power Control Unit

  • AC auto-on/ off control
  • Turn on/ trigger on contacts
  • RS-485 port (control to 8 apparatuses)
  • AC overload protector