Smart Workplace

Based on the survey by an international construction company, a friendly-designed workplace can not only enhance 33% of employee’s sense of happiness, but the working efficacy.

Smart workplace focuses on collaboration as well as the highly-integration of human, space, and technology, inspiring innovation and enhancing productivity. Smart workplace will completely release human’s potentiality and bring the unprecedented creation and efficacy.

Centralized Management & Control

BXB optimizes the management of distributed audio & video via IoT technology; all the offices, meeting rooms, seminar rooms, lobby, and other spaces can be connected and controlled via only one platform.


Getting your group together and carrying out a meeting, presentation, collaborative work anytime. BXB’s cloud meeting easily delivers seamless and smooth communications across the globe.

Impressive Corporate Image

BXB offers professional audiovisual solutions with crystal-clear sound and excellent image quality, greatly enhancing the corporate branding image to earn more trust from customers and build reliable partner relationship.

Application Cases

Explore how BXB users optimizes business communication efficacy and realizes the innovation of work space

PATTA International Ltd.

The PATTA's headquarter in Kaohsiung is a main place for promoting business and branding with global partners. BXB seamlessly integrates IP distributed AV solution, video conference, recording, live streaming and TV walls to completely present PATTA’s high-quality corporate image.

晶鑽生醫, 視訊會議, 錄播, 串流, 會議系統, BXB, 卡訊

Diamond Biotech Inc.

Diamond Biotech Inc. has chain cosmetic surgery clinics in Taiwan. BXB's video conference system and recording & livestreaming system ease the professional training and project discussion, which greatly decreases doctors’ transportation fee as well as records the training materials for review and preview.

Okuma, 寶熊, 會議系統, BXB, 卡訊

Okuma Fishing Tackle

Okuma’s production line and sales channel have spread around the world. To make the transnational business communication more efficient and convenient, BXB offers a video conference solution with clear image display, great sound quality, and stable system operation. The international synchronous training can be easily realized.

Recommended Products

HDR-731, HDC-612, camera, streaming, livestreaming

IP Recording & Livestreaming Solution

Simply record your meetings, seminars, trainings, and product release and then livestream to every mainstream platform to catch more audience

Q.con, video conference, solution

Q.con Video Conference System

High quality video and speaker's image auto-tracking with mainstream communication software, you can easily upgrade your meeting venue and have a face-to-face meeting experience!

MT-2, 多媒體, 訊息發布

Multimedia Scheduler

Advanced daily scheduling and multimedia play for message announcement. It can also integrate with Open Data to show the local time, weather, air quality, etc.

FCS-6300, 會議系統, 全功能, BXb, 卡訊

FCS-6300 Full-function Conference System

With TCP/IP network, the system offers discussion, voting, voice-activation, paperless presentation, smartphone/tablet mobile control, and more, satisfying all your needs and meeting spaces.