Audio Processor & Amplifier



PA-120-V2/240-V2 Mixer Amplifier (120W/240W)

  • Enhanced Voltage Adaptability: Enhances the amplifier’s ability to adapt to different voltage environments, eliminating voltage constraints and providing a wider range of volume adjustment and audio performance.
  • Unchanged Diverse Audio Source Connectivity: With 3 MIC inputs, 2 AUX inputs, and 1 audio output port, supporting 8Ω impedance output and 70V/100V constant voltage output for speakers, it offers versatile application scenarios, catering to various audio needs for different occasions and events.
  • Enhanced Voltage Adaptation to 220V: The V2 version has been upgraded from 110V to 220V, improving the amplifier’s ability to adapt to different voltage environments. This eliminates voltage limitations, allowing for a wider range of volume adjustments and enhanced audio performance.
  • Improved Audio Resolution: Upgrading to 220V results in fuller and richer sound compared to 110V, enhancing the clarity of music and speech details.
  • Enhanced Safety Performance: The mixer amplifier’s adaptability to different voltage environments is enhanced, preventing damage to equipment and surroundings.
  • Reduced Heat Generation: Using a 220V socket with lower current reduces heat generation on the wires, making it less prone to overheating.
  • Unchanged Power Consumption: When upgrading to 220V, the current is halved, but the total power consumption remains the same, resulting in equal power consumption.

PA-120/240 Mixer Amplifier (120W/240W)

  • Versatile Input/Output: Equipped with 3 microphone inputs, 2 AUX inputs, and 1 audio output, supporting 8Ω impedance output and 70V/100V constant voltage output for speakers. It effortlessly adapts to various events and venues.
  • Complete Tone Control: Featuring 5 audio channel inputs, each with independent volume control and 5-stage LED indicator lights for clear visibility. It also includes bass and treble adjustments for presentation of tonal details.
  • Emergency Broadcast Priority: In emergency situations, the override function for audio broadcasting takes effect, muting other audio inputs to ensure the priority transmission of broadcast content and promptly address unexpected conditions.
  • Safety Protection Mechanism: Equipped with an internal output protection mechanism, it immediately emits an alarm in the event of abnormal loading. This serves as a prompt for users to inspect and address the issue, ensuring the safety of both the equipment and the environment.
  • Heat Dissipation Mechanism: The unit is equipped with a cooling fan to ensure stable performance during extended operation.


AMX-1002 Mixer

  • Exceptional Audio Quality: With a frequency response of 16Hz to 22kHz, less than 0.005% total harmonic distortion, and a signal-to-noise ratio exceeding 105dB, ensuring that every moment of sound listening is a clear and refined experience.
  • Versatile Input and Output: Provides 8 sets of MIC or Line audio inputs to meet various audio source connection needs. Equipped with 1 set of balanced output and 1 set of unbalanced output to ensure clear and stable sound transmission.
  • Support for Multi-Unit Expansion: Configurable auxiliary output/input interfaces allow for the connection of multiple mixers, creating a richer sound experience.
  • Personalized Sound Adjustment: Each audio source input features independent sound quality and volume adjustment functions to meet the demands of discerning sound enthusiasts. Easily monitor the status of each source through dual-color (green/red) indicator lights. Additionally, it comes with 1 set of master volume control knobs for effortless volume adjustments.
  • Phantom Power Output: Each input has a phantom power DC 48V switch, ensuring clear operation for capacitor microphones with clear and straightforward operation.
  • Sturdy Rack-Mount Design: Easily mountable in a 19-inch standard rack, saving space and providing the best operating and installation experience.


DAM-0808 8x8 Digital Audio Matrix Processor

  • Highly Flexible Audio Input: Features up to 8 fixed analog audio inputs with detachable balanced Euroblock connectors, allowing for free design of processing modules and sequences based on user requirements.
  • Advanced DSP Processing: With a processing capacity of 400 MIPS and 1.6 GFLOPS, ensures top-notch audio quality.
  • Powerful Built-in Control Software: Supports both Traditional Chinese and English interfaces, enabling audio matrix switching control and audio parameter settings on Windows computers with customizable configurations. Supports the management of up to 20 devices, allowing 8 users to control simultaneously online.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Front-panel USB bidirectional audio transmission for easy connection to computers, facilitating audio recording or remote conference audio source channels.
  • Intelligent Echo Cancellation: Three mode switches to ensure clear audio transmission for more efficient meetings.
  • Advanced Audio Technologies: Features functions like Automatic Feedback Cancellation (AFC), Noise Suppression (ANS), Automatic Gain Control (AGC), providing an ultimate audio experience.
  • Rich Mixing Features: Equipped with functions such as Automatic Muting (Ducker), Automatic Volume Compensation (ANC), Gain Sharing Automatic Mixing (AM), Gate Mixer, creating a professional mixing experience.
  • Multiple Communication Protocols: Supports RS-232, RS-485, and UDP transmission, making centralized control with third-party devices like cameras easily achievable.

DAM-0404 4x4 Digital Audio Matrix Processor

  • Supports up to 4 fixed analog audio inputs. The processing module and sequence of each audio input channel can be self-defined.
  • Analog output applies 24bit 256X sample rate convertor to perform greater dynamic range.
  • Definable UI for managing all audio channels via web browser, no compact disk required. It supports the configuration of max. 30 units and 8 users at the same time.
  • USB port to connect with PC to perform remote meeting and video capturing.
  • Supports AEC, AFC, ANS, AGC, and AM.
  • Equipped with matrix function to broadcast different audio sources to different zones.
  • Centralized control via RS-232, RS-485, and UDP: easily one click to control the power
    of A/V equipment and switch the audio source.

PAB-5240 Power Amplifier (100V-240V)

  • Dual-Channel High Efficiency: Each channel with a maximum output of 120W, supports 4Ohm/8Ohm speakers, delivering rich and clear sound.
  • Bridge Mode: 240W output power, optional use with 70V or 100V constant voltage speakers to meet diverse application needs.
  • Intelligent Power Saving: Automatically enters standby mode after 15 minutes of no audio input, consuming less than 0.5W for environmental friendliness and energy conservation.
  • Intuitive LED Display: Front panel LED indicator lights clearly display the operating status, allowing users to instantly understand the system’s performance.
  • Multiple Startup Modes: Choose continuous startup, standby mode, or trigger startup based on preferences, providing additional operational options.
  • High Pass Filtering: Built-in high pass filter switch effectively blocks low-frequency signals below 80Hz, preventing damage and interference to the speakers.
  • Remote Control: 12VDC trigger interface enables external device-triggered control, facilitating more convenient audio system operations.
  • Short circuit & overheating protection without fan.
  • Dual Protection Mechanism: Equipped with output short circuit and overheat protection, no need for cooling fans, ensuring stable and reliable long-term operation.
  • Complies with BSMI safety regulations, ensuring quality assurance.

PA-5120P_Q 120W Mixer power Amplifier

  • Output:120 W(RMS).
  • 5 Groups of Speaker Selectors.
  • 8CH Mixer & Separate/ Master Volume Controls.
  • 1 Group of Base & Tremble Volume Controls.
  • Speaker Output Terminal:100V, 70V, 8Ω.
  • Multi-Groups of LED Volume Indicators.

PA-5120P2 240W Mixer Amplifier

  • Rated Output: RMS 250W.
  • Speaker Output: 4Ω-16Ω/70V/100V.
  • Automatic temperature control to activate the cooling fan.
  • Recording Output: 2 sets.
  • 5 zones +1 ALL CALL switch. 6 sets of circuit selection buttons.
  • Signal Input: MIC x 4 sets, AUX x 4 sets, and 8 sets of individual volume control buttons.
  • Equipped with 2 sets of MIC priority buttons for setting broadcasting priority.
  • 1 set of EQ IN/EQ OUT port (able to connect with professional mixers or digital sound processors).
  • Built in with double electronic protection circuit and LED indicator for short circuit and overloading protection.

PAB-5400 400W Power Amplifier

  • Output: RMS 400W
  • Speaker Output: 4~16Ω/70V/100V
  • Trigger contact to auto-activate the power
  • Temperature control by auto-operating cooling fan
  • Built-in electronic-protection circuit, short-circuit and overloading protection signal light
  • Adjustable volume control output and double volume output LED indicator