Market Solutions

BXB is devoted to innovation and better services, offering IoT and network audiovisual solutions to the world.


A friendly workplace focuses on the highly-integration of human, space, and technology, inspiring innovation and enhancing productivity. Smart workplace completely releases human’s potentiality and bring the unprecedented efficacy.


Technology reforms the government's operation to more effective way. BXB's solution can be applied to intersectional negotiation scenario with voting, meeting recording, and event live streaming to offer a convenient, open, efficient services to the public.


Education focuses on the future. From the basic education to college, the integration of various digital equipment and technology is indispensable. BXB supports teachers applying digital tools to effectively transmit knowledge to learners. Simultaneously, learners can be more concentrate on the learning, which greatly enhancing the learning quality experience.

Command Center

A command center plays a decision-making role for the applications of government, military, disaster-prevention, and transportation. BXB solution provides instant services for controlling, monitoring, message collection, decision-making, commanding, and real-time report. BXB's stable, instant, quick-response solution can enhance the efficacy and operation speed of command center.