PA System

Do you think PA (public address) is just for delivering sound?

Followed by more complicated lifestyles in the present days, the traditional PA equipment cannot meet the demands of all people anymore. It’s must customized-made for different occasions and purposes. BXB’s highly integrated all-in-one systemcan help you efficiently deliver audio messages with various modes. efficiently with various modes.

The loud sound of intensive broadcasting can be the disturbing noise to the nearby residents. BXB’s addresasble PA can deliver the audio messages to the specified areas only, making you become the neighborhood with the sense of civism.

As facing the danger or emergent conditions, the victim can press the emergency call button. The server would trigger the alarm speaker on site for deterrence, which can effectively prevent the harm.

Select single zone / multiple zones for two-way intercommunication, which saves lots of time of go-and-return.

Play the audio exam questions and teaching materials to different grades/areas at specified time. Students can naturally enhance language comprehension during the class, play time, and other leisure time. It also decreases the workload of teachers and school staff.

Integration with the telephone switching system to execute all-zone, single-zone, indoor / outdoor, and group broadcasting via the extension. It’s convenient, flexible, and cost-saving.

Equipped with full-function graphical control software. You can remotely execute audio broadcasting, music play, schedule setting, and other configurations via PC or a tablet. There’s no space limitation for public addressing.

Easily Manage Your PA Schedule

The graphical control software is designed based on user’s demands. Via network, you can use PC or mobile devices to arrange the PA schedule. Instant, flexible, and efficient!

No Need to Station at the Control Room Anymore

Time Clock/Music Scheduling

Just with few steps, you can set the daily/weekly/monthly or even yearly PA schedule in advance. The system would automatically execute music play, clock chime on the hour, bell ring, policy announcement, and many more. You can also set the date for not doing broadcasting.

Real-time Audio Play

4 groups with total of 400 audio files can be scheduled. You can randomly play, real-time play, select the specified part of music, single-song play, play in sequence, stop playing, and more play modes.

Built-in Text-to-Speech

Type in text messages in advance, the system would transform the text into audio mode for auto-broadcasting. It replaces the traditional way- audio recording, which can be time-wasting.

Intuitive Graphical Interface

You can arrange the map based on the building and room distribution on site.

PA System Application

Stations, schools, communities, supermarkets, factories, shopping malls, military organizations, hospitals, prisons

Choose the Product for Best Helping You Deliver Sound

Full-functional, High-integrated


Digital Addressable PA System

• ALL-IN-ONE Comprehensive Design
• Public Area/Specific Zone Broadcasting, Automated Scheduled Announcements
• Two-Way Intercom, Access Control Security, Disaster Alarms, Emergency Assistance
• Simultaneous Broadcasting to 192 Zones + 70 Groups with a Single Device
• Ready to Use within 1 Second from Boot, Fast and User-Friendly

MT-2, 多媒體, 訊息發布

Scheduling & Broadcasting for Corporates


Multimedia Scheduler

• Suitable for corporate's daily scheduling & message announcement
• Display the instant weather & air quality information

Broadcasting Anytime, Anywhere via Extension/Smartphone


Telephone Paging MCU

• No need to stay at the control room all the time
• Suitable for the message announcement at schools, factories, offices, and hotels.

Simple & Cost-effective Time Clock Solution


Speaker Circuit Zone Selector