Use tech to break barriers

BXB upholds the corporate philosophy of “Use tech to break barriers” and provides solutions for smart offices and smart classrooms. We believe that technology can help people communicate better and achieve the vision of “Harmonize the world”.

Customers are always our first priority

BXB emphasizes on the connection of people, holding the spirit of “It’s about you”. We’re devoted with developing high-quality products that customers want and need, making ourselves possess a special position in customers’ heart.

Quality assurance

Quality is the life of BXB’s business. Our products, from every procedure of planning, designing, manufacturing, and after-sales service, all continually stress quality improvement. Our main object is to maintain top-quality products with low price, quick delivery and of the best the technical level.

Talent cultivation

Business is rooted in people; excellent products only come from outstanding human efforts. Therefore, motivated, skilled employees are a priceless valuable asset for BXB. We encourage innovative actions and offer various training events and classes to make the staff enjoy a valuable working life.

Pursuit of excellence

For BXB, what the unchangable is “keep changing”. We’re always not satisfied with the present condition; rather, we hold the spirit of “Best X Best” pursuing the excellence to product development and customer services.



  • BXB “Gungho Conference Microphone” won the 31th Taiwan Excellence Award


  • Global Best Practice of IoT and Smart Service Award


  • 7th D&B Top 1000 Elite SME Award
  • 2020 Model Enterprise of Kaohsiung- Excellence & Innovation Award
  • Two BXB products won the 28th Taiwan Excellence Award


  • Three BXB products won the 27th Taiwan Excellence Award


  • Iron Man 5.0
  • General Manager Jerry Hung is honored with 41th Model of Entrepreneurs
  • Chairman Penny Wu is honored with 41th Model of Entrepreneurs


  • Four BXB products won the 25th Taiwan Excellence Award
  • BXB is certified with Golden Peak Award
  • BXB won the bronze medal of the TTQS.
  • Chairman Penny Wu is honored with the 2nd place of Women Entrepreneurship award


  • Officially join GISA
  • FUN Conference microphone won Japan’s 2016 G-mark Design Award.
  • UFO’s Stylish design got judge’s favor of National Invention Award.
  • FUN Microphone Unit won 2016 iF Design Award.
  • Three BXB products won the 24th Taiwan Excellence Award.


  • CTI Channel had an exclusive interview with BXB in the “The Rise of Taiwan.”
  • UFO Conference Microphone won the “German iF Design Award” (Asia’s first award-winning conference product).
  • Five products won the 23rd session of the “Taiwan Excellence Award”.
  • Kaohsiung City mayor visited BXB’s headquarter.


  • Founder Mr. Wu, won the 11th Manager of Excellence in Southern Taiwan.
  • BXB won the 9th National HRD InnoPrize
  • The 22th Taiwan Excellence Award
  • CTI News Channel had an exclusive interview with BXB in the “Reviewing Taiwan with All Heart” program.


  • Two BXB products won the 21th Taiwan Excellence Award.
  • BXB Earthquake Early Warning system is certified with Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan.
  • BXB won the silver medal of the TTQS.


  • Apply TTS and VoIP innovation to BXB products.
  • reported BXB won the Outstanding Achievement award from the SBIR.
  • BXB won the bronze medal of the TTQS.