Command Center

A command center plays a decision-making role for the applications of government, military, disaster-prevention, and transportation. BXB solution provides instant and continuous services for controlling, monitoring, message collection, decision-making, commanding, and real-time report.

BXB’s stable, instant, quick-response solution can enhance the efficacy and operation speed of command center.

Stable Operation, Flexible Deployment

Stability, durability, and flexibility are the main factors that BXB's system gains the high market share for many years. The high stability avoids the command center making mistakes at the moment of truth. The high durability keeps the system functional even it has passed the service life. The high flexibility makes the complex system more integrative and organizational.

Highly Integrated

BXB's system can seamlessly integrate with Full HD video auto-tracking, video wall solution, paperless conference system, electronic table board, smart centralized platform, live streaming system, and remote meeting system to construct a full-functional network AV solution.

Application Cases


Hulunbuir Public Security Bureau, China

This case requires high-efficient and high-stable equipment. The users also expect the clear sound of microphones and the flexible modes of conferencing management. BXB’s conference system is equipped with shield gooseneck microphone, which is anti-noise and anti-echo, ensuring the clarity and smoothness of the meeting.

Hsinchu City Fire Department, Taiwan

BXB's conference system can apply many kinds of connections and is equipped with backup mechanism. When one microphone unit is out of work, the user can just remove it from the system directly without affecting the performance of the rest microphones, ensuring meeting’s smoothness.