Through the power of smart technology, BXB has crafted a ‘powerful tool’ for Fuying University to grasp future teaching skills, co-creating a new learning perspective.

As technology trends surge, teaching methods enter a new stage of evolution. Fuying University, proactively aligning with future trends, has collaborated with BXB to promote smart learning technology. Through the Smart Classroom Solution, students and faculty at Fuying University have gained access to a new smart learning environment that integrates technology hardware and software, AI, and big data analytics.

Benefits of the Smart Technology Multi-functional Classroom

In response to Fuying University’s teaching needs, BXB has developed smart learning solutions for different scenarios. Utilizing technology hardware and software, AI, and big data analytics, it enables both remote and on-site interactive teaching. Students engage in practical activities like intelligent skin detection, makeup, and nail art, while teachers use AI-enabled cameras to automatically track and display individual student operations on a large screen. This allows teachers to observe student learning progress in real-time, provide instant feedback, and demonstrate correct procedures. The main screen and individual group screens on the TV wall enable detailed observation of the teacher’s actions, eliminating blind spots in the learning process.

Vision for Smart Learning at Fuying University

President Huey-Shyan Lin of Fuying University is committed to integrating Health Tech ABC (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Services) to advance digital technology. The establishment of the Smart Technology Multi-functional Classroom on 11/14 signifies an important milestone for Fuying in smart learning, becoming a new highlight in the school’s teaching. The university plans to continue collaborating with BXB to design smart technology classrooms for each department, tailoring each room’s functions according to the specific needs of different disciplines and creating a complete smart teaching chain.

▲ Teachers can directly use the mobile phone lens as a camera to instantly capture details of makeup and manicure teaching and upload them to the big screen, making teaching and learning more efficient.

BXB and the Development of Smart Learning

In collaboration with BXB, Fuying University integrates AI with teaching, providing teachers with innovative teaching models and allowing students to thrive in a more advanced learning environment. Despite the challenges of declining birth rates, Fuying University continues to invest in educational equipment, providing students with a better learning environment. This commitment is admirable, and it is believed that both teachers and students will feel the impact of the school’s dedication to teaching philosophy.

▲ Teachers can configure multiple image sources, such as multimedia teaching materials, student homework presentations, remote video screens, etc., on each TV screen according to different teaching situations to make teaching more vivid.

Using Technology to Break the Boundaries of Learning

Education is a century-long undertaking and a key force driving social progress. Recognizing the importance of education to society, we invest in the research and innovation of smart classroom solutions, using technology to break the boundaries of learning, making teaching more enriching, diverse, and interesting, and enhancing two-way interaction and active participation for both teachers and students. BXB’s advanced technology products demonstrate their practical value, providing students with a modern, digital, and intelligent learning environment.

▲ Additionally, the 4K TV wall can present impressive welcome screens. It transforms into a photo backdrop, eliminating the need for different posters and event banners each time, promoting efficiency and environmental sustainability on campus.


▲ The teacher is no longer restricted to the podium position. All presentation content and handwritten notes are instantly distributed to all screens in the classroom, creating a comprehensive digital information flow for interactive teaching, making learning limitless.