Strengthening Information Communication! Lienchiang County Police Bureau’s Command Center Adopts BXB Digital Conferencing System

The Command Center of Lienchiang County Police Bureau has successfully integrated the BXB FCS-6300 comprehensive conferencing system. In this digitalized discussion space, personnel can utilize technology for law enforcement, crime investigation, assist in regional security policies, reinforce disaster prevention, and air raid alerts. Simultaneously, it facilitates inter-departmental connectivity and optimizes command equipment at various levels, ensuring the safety of citizens and residents. In an era of rapid technological advancement, efficient real-time communication has become a crucial component for the smooth operation of government agencies.

Customer Needs and Challenges

The Command Center of Lienchiang County Police Bureau is tasked with handling various emergencies and disaster responses. Consequently, their requirements for the efficiency of the command center align with common needs. Technological law enforcement, real-time communication, and command efficiency are pressing issues for them. Additionally, improvements in public security, crime investigation, and alarm systems are crucial to safeguarding public property. Seamless communication and discussion with other organizations and various levels of units are indispensable aspects of their operations.

BXB Solution Advantages

The FCS-6300 comprehensive conferencing system is capable of executing a wide range of applications, including image presentation, video recording, and audio transmission, meeting all conference requirements. In addressing customer needs, it provides several unique solutions.

  • FCS-6350 Conference Host: With various conference management modes, including voice-activated initiation, rotating speaking turns, and queued speaking, this device allows real-time adjustment of cameras, screen image output, on-site microphone switches, and settings via mobile phones or tablets. It features an LCD display with Chinese operation, clearly indicating system connection status for user convenience. The plug-and-play USB interface enables connection to a computer for functions such as broadcasting or recording.
  • FCS Series Desktop Conference Microphones: Equipped with DSP chips, these microphones offer automatic gain adjustment and independent microphone sensitivity adjustment, significantly enhancing speech audio quality. The intelligent voice-activated initiation function prevents microphone activation due to speaker noise or background sounds. The built-in 2.5-inch high-quality speaker eliminates the need for additional speakers, automatically muting when the microphone is in use to prevent feedback. Connection of all conference microphones via Cat5e network cables ensures clear audio quality and facilitates future maintenance.
  • HDC-715 Professional PTZ Camera: Providing high-quality image processing technology, this camera transmits FHD 1080p high-resolution images via HDMI, ensuring vivid and distortion-free recording quality. With built-in image flip and mirror functions, it can be installed at any position in the conference room.
  • HCK-700T Camera Control Keyboard: With a three-axis joystick, this keyboard allows simultaneous control of four cameras for horizontal movement, vertical movement, and zooming. Multiple preset screen positions can be configured, enhancing convenience in remote conferences, education and training, and image recording scenarios, making camera operations more flexible.

Benefits of Implementation

The BXB FCS-6300 comprehensive conferencing system has delivered significant benefits to the Lienchiang County Police Bureau, greatly enhancing the communication efficiency of the War Command Control Center. During meetings, it enables real-time analysis and discussion of intelligence information, improving public safety and crime prevention. It not only allows for quicker responses to various emergencies but also facilitates seamless collaboration with other units. The application of disaster prevention and air raid alarms gives the War Command Control Center a distinct advantage in disaster response, providing robust support for the digital operation of government agencies.

The command center plays a crucial role as the decision-making hub in various situations and applications, such as government, disaster response, and transportation. It is vital for the entire ecosystem, requiring 24/7 uninterrupted and real-time services for control, monitoring, information gathering, collaborative operations, policy communication, command dispatch, and instant reporting. BXB offers stable, real-time, and rapid-response solutions, empowering command centers to enhance efficiency and speed.

Future Expansion and Applications

BXB Electronics’ digital conferencing system seamlessly integrates with a direct recording and broadcasting system. Through the HDR-731 streaming media processor, essential proceedings of critical war command meetings can be recorded for later review and dissemination to various levels of units. This enhances the value of the command meetings, expanding the professional influence of the War Command Control Center. It significantly contributes to the digital development and promotion of local units, aiding in public safety, crime investigation, and the overall improvement of security performance, ensuring the safety of public and private properties.