BXB Cares about Female Employees’ Needs

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Writer / VP Office

Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of Ministry of Economic Affairs has hold Women Entrepreneurship Flying-goose Program for 6 years. This program is for commending what women entrepreneurs did for company management and innovative business models. It’s the honor that BXB’s President Penny Wu got the 2nd place! The Deputy Commissioner Ms. Pei-Ti Hu of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration attended the award ceremony and delivered the trophy to us, giving President Wu and BXB a great encouragement and recognition.

Being BXB’s successor, President Penny Wu takes heavy responsibilities and pressures. She helped BXB transform the business model from OEM to own-branding and led BXB to be on the list of GISA (Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms). The progress is full of difficulties and challenges. However, President Wu possesses the traits of high executive power, persistence, willpower, and positive-thinking. She leads BXB’s staff exerting the unlimited potentiality of women’s power. President Wu believes that women’s flexibility, persistence, and tenacity are able to lead them to the success and excellence.

For the moment, the quantity of female employees have accounted for 67.9% and there’re 8 supervisors among 15 departments in BXB. Being a woman as well, President Wu totally knows women’s needs in the workplace. Therefore, the problems such as “sexual discrimination in the workplace”, “leaving job/being fired due to getting married and delivering babies”, “difficulties of returning to work after baby birth”, and“losing the sense of self-value and self-identity”don’t exist in BXB’s workplace. On the contrary, BXB always respects and concerns about female employees’ working environment and job promotion. BXB’s female employees are not only recognized with their efforts, but able to enjoy a women-friendly workplace. They can look after both sides of families and career as well as develop their virtue. Finally, they could get the sense of achievement and self-identity in the workplace.

We appreciate that the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of Ministry of Economic Affairs recognizes BXB’s business achievements. Director Wu also visited BXB’s product booth to encourage us. We’re also thankful with Mr. Chiang, Ms. Chiang, Manager Lai of Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media (MFNE). You personally came to the award ceremony and gave us a warm blessing! We wish this recognition by the government being able to encourage more female entrepreneurs to exert their potentiality and ability bravely and freely and then pursuing their career achievements!