WMP-3100 Digital Addressable PA System

Introducing the future of sound with the WMP-3100 Digital Addressable PA System: your comprehensive solution for broadcasting needs.

Leveraging cutting-edge digital technology, the WMP-3100 Digital Addressable PA System control, pinpoint location broadcasting, and flawless multimedia integration to fulfill the broad demands of settings ranging from educational bodies to large corporations.

Featuring capabilities like telephone broadcast, bi-directional intercom, and scheduled playbacks, this system is designed for precise, efficient message delivery while ensuring communication security is omnipresent. Our aim is to empower schools, businesses, and public spaces with the finest broadcasting system available, fueled by innovative tech solutions that foster stronger community ties and communication. This goal aligns seamlessly with our mission to enact societal benefits through technological advancements.

Step into the future of digital broadcasting with the WMP-3100 series, ensuring every message is communicated clearly:

  • Enhance communication efficiency and safety: Strengthened instant communication and safety features guarantee fast, accurate message delivery. Ideal for real-time public announcements, campus broadcast systems, timely campus music bells, access control for businesses or factories, and emergency evacuations.
  • Optimize the user experience: Simplify operations and boost user satisfaction with our intuitive graphical software and manageable scheduling platform.
  • Innovate with technology: The ability to record or convert text to speech (TTS) for scheduling voice content playback transcends the conventional requirement of constant control room attendance.

The WMP-3100 series effortlessly accomplishes timed and targeted voice tasks, streamlining the installation, operation, and usage process for unparalleled efficiency.

Application Scenarios - Campus PA System

Routine Campus Announcements

Schools require the ability to automatically broadcast preset messages at designated times for daily activities like class start/end times, lunch breaks, and dismissal. This system can also support specific events, including school celebrations and English listening exams.

Campus Emergency Alerts

For emergencies such as earthquakes or fires, the system swiftly initiates an emergency announcement to guide evacuation through every speaker on campus.

Application Scenarios - Businesses and Factories

Workplace Safety Alerts

In the event of an industrial accident within a business or factory, the broadcast system instantly relays warnings and instructions to the affected areas.

Routine Operations Management

Utilize the scheduling feature for announcements regarding shift changes, safety messages, and routine operational management in businesses or factories.

Application Scenarios - Retail and Public Areas

Promotions and Information in Retail

Enhance the shopping or transit experience by broadcasting specific event promotions or background music in malls, or timely travel and transit information in public transportation hubs.

Emergency Situations in Retail and Public Venues

In emergencies like fires or earthquakes, rapidly provide instructions and guide evacuations using the broadcast system to ensure public safety.

WMP-3100 Explore the Features

  • Audio Broadcasting: Ideal for schools, businesses, and smart factories, this system supports hourly signals, routine schedules, multimedia messaging, and timed broadcasts for events. 
  • Multimedia Playback: Simultaneously broadcasts distinct audio lessons to various school levels with minimal delay, ensuring synchrony and addressing the fairness concerns associated with traditional loudspeaker amplification. 
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS) Broadcasts: Enables broadcasting from text to speech through a platform, eliminating the need for live announcers or the hassle of managing broadcasts from a studio, thus increasing broadcast agility and immediacy.
  •  Telephone Broadcasts: Facilitates broadcasting over phone extensions in schools, public agencies, malls, hotels, and transport facilities. It also supports broadcasting over dedicated telephone lines, enhancing broadcast flexibility without the need to manage from a central command room.
  •  Scheduled Broadcasting: For playing back audio files and vocal messages as planned.
  •  Disaster Alerts: Offers instant, automated earthquake alerts and fire alarm connectivity in various institutions, directly receiving seismic alerts or integrating fire alarms to trigger comprehensive public announcements for quicker response and public safety. 
  • Audio Broadcasting with BXB Microphones: Allows for targeted audio broadcasts in specific areas using BXB microphones. 
  • Emergency Activation: Enables emergency response triggers through fire safety equipment, amplifiers, and access control systems in situations like earthquakes, fires, or break-ins. 
  • Bi-directional Intercoms: Provides immediate and convenient management across different areas and floors with the setup of two-way intercom systems.

Main Product Information

WMP-3180 Central Control Unit

  • TCP/IP control: Enables the transmission of audio and control signals over the network.
  • Control of up to 192 individual zones + 70 group zones: Allows flexible arrangement of graphical control screens to replicate on-site scenarios based on actual areas.
  • Automated schedule broadcasting: Executes scheduled broadcasts for hourly chimes, daily routines, and special events, playing automatically as programmed.
  • Dual-built network cards: Simultaneously operates independent local networks and external networks.
  • Equipped with a service button: As the system meets abnormal conditions, pressing the service button to automatically transmit user information, device status, and anomaly details back to the central command, enabling real-time remote troubleshooting.
  • Features C-drive hard disk restoration mechanism: Automatically restores the system to its original state upon restart, preventing intrusion from other programs or viruses.
  • Integrates with TP-2 Telephone Paging Gateway for telephone broadcasting functionality.
  • Allows volume control for various audio matrices.

WMP-3152 Loop Controller

  • Utilizes digital decoding transmission method, capable of connecting to all decoders through loop cables.
  • High-pressure audio loop can handle 800W loads per loop when connected to a 100V high-pressure amplifier signal, and 560W loads per loop when connected to a 70V high-pressure amplifier signal.
  • Independent design for the communication of the first and second sets of loops.
  • Built-in dedicated IN/OUT loop for outdoor speakers, allowing system configuration as an independent single zone without the need for a decoder.
  • Features BYPASS function, activating all decoder channels online when initiated.
  • Integrated protection mechanism: in the event of a power surge or lightning strike on the digital decoding signal, the system activates protective devices.
  • Supports voltage range AC 100V~240V and includes overload protection functionality.

PAB-5240 Power Amplifier (100V-240V)

  • Two-channel amplifier: 120W RMS/per channel. Adaptable with 4-8 Ohm loads; suitable for small to medium sized meeting rooms.
  • Bridged mode 240W output for 70V or 100V loudspeakers (direct drive).
  • Power down after 15 minutes of no signal and comply with Energy Star
  • Power consumption limits of
    < 0.5W in standby.
  • LED at the front panel to indicate the current operation status.
    Selection for power-up mode, standby mode, and trigger mode.
  • Switch for High Pass Filter to reject the frequency below 80Hz, avoiding the damage to loudspeakers.
  • Equipped 12VDC terminal block for remote control.
  • Short circuit & overheating protection without fan.

WMP-60D Remote Decoder

  • Utilizes a rotary switch to set the original location code for zones (such as classrooms, offices, and other designated areas).
  • Allows direct modification of the location code from the host, eliminating the need to physically adjust dip switches at the speaker or decoder end.
  • Features a tri-color LED indicator: Represents general broadcasting communication, two-way intercom, and a return CALL signal.
  • In the event of a circuit failure or power outage, the decoder automatically activates the PA signal to maintain normal broadcasting operation.
  • Equipped with one call trigger point, connectable to a return CALL button. When the host receives the signal, the orange indicator light for that area will flash. It can also pre-set emergency alert tones through graphical control software, aiding personnel in responding to emergencies.
  • Features one normally closed trigger point, connectable to an security trigger signal. When the host receives the signal, the red indicator light for that area will flash. It can also pre-set security sounds through graphical control software, alerting personnel to respond accordingly.
  • Includes one DC-12V output terminal as a control point for triggering on-site alarm flashing sirens. When the return CALL signal is triggered, it can activate local alarm flashing sirens to deter intruders. This trigger action can be disarmed from the decoder end, host end, and remote control ends.

Optional Product Information


DAM-0808 8x8 Digital Audio Matrix Processor

  • Supports up to 8 fixed analog audio inputs, which can be connected via removable balanced phoenix connectors. The processing module and sequence of each audio input channel can be self-defined based on the demands.
  • DSP capability: 400 MIPS; 1.6 GFLOPS.
  • Definable UI for managing all audio channels via web browser. It supports the configuration of max. 30 units and 8 users at the same time.
  • Equipped USB port to connect with PC to perform remote meeting and video captruing.
  • Supports adaptive echo cancellation (AEC): 60dB/S convergence rate; 80dB echo cancellation level.
  • Supports adaptive feedback control (AFC): avoid the audio inteference between each audio channel.
  • Built-in automatic noise suppression (ANS): making the SNR increase 18db.
    Supports AGC: auto-gain control -6dB~+18dB; auto-balance control -12dB~+12dB.
  • Support ducker, ANC, AM, Gate Mixer, camera tracking, and other defined modules.
  • Equipped with matrix function to self-define the output audio sources.
  • Centralized control via RS-232, RS-485, and UDP: easily connect the third-party equipment such as PTZ cameras.

TP-2 Telephone Paging Gateway

  • Compact and lightweight, seamlessly integrates with the telephone exchange system to enable telephone broadcasting through the BXB broadcast system.
  • DSP capability: 400 MIPS; 1.6 GFLOPS.
  • Definable UI for managing all audio channels via web browser. It supports the configuration of max.

PA-10 / PA-10T Digital Mixer Amplifier

  • Features microphone and linear audio inputs, allowing simultaneous connection to teaching microphones and audio sources from the teacher’s laptop.
  • Digital electronic volume control buttons for microphone input, with a total of 32 adjustable levels.
  • Can connect to 4Ω or 8Ω external speakers, supporting a maximum power of 15W audio output.
  • Integrates teaching and broadcasting functions into one device, capable of connecting to broadcast equipment as a trigger audio source. Activation is achieved through DC12V or N.O. dry contact points, initiating broadcast linear audio mixing output.
  • Automatic activation of mixing output. When a 8Ω or 70/100V audio signal is detected and reaches the volume threshold, the broadcast mixing output is automatically activated. If the threshold is not reached within 30 seconds, the mixing output function will automatically deactivate.
  • Equipped with a load abnormality indicator light. In the case of low-impedance speakers or abnormal circuits preventing normal amplification, a flashing red light serves as an troubleshooting prompt.
  • Lightweight design, space-saving, and comes with mounting brackets for easy installation below or on the wall near a blackboard/whiteboard. Convenient for use and future maintenance.

CTM-02 Table-top Music Mic

  • Comes with a choice of 43 / 48 cm gooseneck.
  • The microphone head features a circular red LED speech indicator.
  • Microphone directionality: Single-directional condenser microphone.
  • The microphone base has an ON/OFF button and indicator light, along with intro and outro four-tone musical sounds for activation and deactivation.
  • The base is made of integrated zinc-aluminum alloy with rubber pads for stability and anti-slip.
  • Frequency Response: Better than 100~18kHz.

ECB-002 Emergency Call Button

  • Designed to work with the decoder for Call Back signal triggering.
  • ABS material panel with a fixed box for wall mounting.

WMP-3161 Trigger Controller

  • Utilizes a rotary switch for device encoding settings, allowing for the expansion of up to three WMP-3161 trigger controllers.

  • Features a single tri-color LED communication indicator to represent active external triggering, passive external triggering, and simultaneous active and passive external triggering states.

  • Equipped with one set of call trigger contacts and one set of normally closed trigger contacts, which can connect to interlocking devices. Upon receiving a trigger signal, the system can activate the corresponding zone’s sound channel as set.

  • Contains one set of DC-5V output terminals, enabling device interlocking control based on configured trigger conditions.

  • Includes one set of passive external trigger contacts, which can connect to a main power control device or an amplifier’s power-on contact, triggering the activation of related broadcasting equipment when the zone is activated.