Video Tracking Controller

Rapidly track speaker images for immersive meeting vibe

User Statements / Customer Feedback----------------------------------------------Technology Company Manager

During our meetings, using the VT-725 Video Tracking Controller allows us to make our live video more accurate.

Previously, when using cameras, it took some time to adjust and correctly frame the people in the video. If the speaker moved around, it was hard to focus accurately and capture the key details in real-time! Since we started using the VT-725 Video Tracking Controller, our company colleagues have been able to precisely manage the camera points and call the camera through the conference microphone to capture every detail, presenting high-quality video images that remote participants can clearly understand.

User Statements / Customer Feedback---------------------------------------------------Corporate Brand Manager

AI automatic switching function, enhancing the efficiency and smoothness of meetings!

We often need to conduct meetings with team members, host online events, or carry out brand promotions. In these scenarios, the VT-725 Video Tracking Controller’s AI automatic switching feature has brought us great convenience. When no one is speaking in the meeting, you don’t have to worry about the camera lingering on someone and creating an awkward atmosphere. Instead, you can confidently let the VT-725 automatically switch to a panoramic or specified view, thereby maintaining the diversity and integrity of the visuals.

User Statements / Customer Feedback-------------------------------------------------Technical Support Specialist

The intuitive and user-friendly interface and the multi-port connection interface of the VT-725 Video Tracking Controller enable us to easily handle various complex technical issues, enhancing work efficiency and professionalism!

We can coordinate with the BXB conference host to set up and adjust the audio and video in the meeting room, including adjusting the volume and switching input sources. At the same time, we can also adjust the camera’s angle and focus using the camera control keyboard to ensure the best image capture results. All these operations can be done on the VT-725 Video Tracking Controller interface without switching between different devices, making the operation process smoother and more efficient.

55% of first impressions come from "non-verbal communication".

According to the behavioral science theory proposed by social psychologist Albert Mehrabian known as the rule of Mehrabian, when judging whether to trust a stranger, the trust gained from the content of the conversation accounts for only 7%, trust derived from the volume and tone of voice accounts for 38%, and trust influenced by visual elements such as expressions and gestures accounts for as much as 55%!

The video tracking controller’s virtual preset points and the industry-first design of adjustable visual layouts!

No longer limited to needing a microphone to track a person, unrestricted by location, wherever there is a need to track a person in the venue, it can be done through virtual preset points and AI smart tracking features. Paired with display screen layouts, it prevents speakers from disappearing off-screen, reduces communication barriers, and fully displays the speaker’s expressions and gestures visually, greatly enhancing the trust of the participants!

Unlimited virtual positioning points and multiple visual designs create a face-to-face meeting experience.

Solve the following problems you encounter when speaking

According to customer feedback statistics, most people often need to manually adjust camera angles, cannot track moving participants in real-time, and have issues with focus switching in multi-person scenarios during video conferences. These difficulties reflect the current inadequacies of image tracking features, such as complex manual operations and insufficient automatic recognition capabilities. Therefore, enhancing and improving image tracking functionality has become one of the important directions to improve the efficiency of video conferences and fully record the process.

Image tracking functionality is crucial for meeting rooms as it helps to enhance meeting efficiency and effectiveness, creating a more natural and professional meeting experience. This feature can automatically switch to designated views in various usage scenarios, avoiding screen occupation, reducing communication barriers, and enhancing meeting efficiency, thereby promoting communication and collaboration within enterprises.

A complete image tracking system should integrate high-quality PTZ cameras with a comprehensive operating interface. In this way, users can easily perform automatic tracking of individuals and multiple screens, calling the camera through the conference microphone, thus ensuring clearer and smoother image tracking. At the same time, an optimized operating interface and high-quality output help improve the operator’s efficiency and optimize the visual quality for participants.

Comparison of video tracking controllers on the market


BXB VT-725

Video Tracking Controller

Brand A Controller

Brand Q Controller

Brand A2 Controller

Unlimited Virtual Positioning Points




Automatic Layout Switching



Number Of Physical Camera Positions





AI Automatic Person Tracking


(No AI recognition, but capable of automatic tracking.)


(No AI recognition, but capable of automatic tracking.)


(No AI recognition, but capable of automatic tracking.)

Web-based Real-time Monitoring




7 major features

7 major features redefine video control

AI Automatic Person Tracking

Automatic person tracking switches the video back to a panoramic view or a predetermined scene when no one is speaking, preventing the video from being unnecessarily occupied. This ensures the meeting visuals always focus on key content, enhancing meeting efficiency and reducing communication barriers.

Unlimited Virtual Positioning Points

In open seating areas, free the camera tracking from the limitations of microphone placement, instantly capturing every movement within the venue, meeting the needs of spaces of various sizes.

Automatically switch layout views

Designate camera settings with specific layouts, which automatically switch to a predetermined screen format when set conditions are met.

Enhance the layout with rich information

Adjust the layout based on the video source, adding images, text, and time information to enhance the visual presentation of information.

Web-Based Real-Time Remote Control

Easily set up and monitor camera views through a PC or mobile device, without the need for additional driver downloads, making operation more convenient.

Single-page easy control

Easily manage BXB cameras via a web interface, switching between different shooting modes based on usage scenarios. Quickly capture the key points of a meeting by focusing and zooming on specified areas.

High Definition HDMI Output

Can output IP camera feeds at 1920 x 1080 resolution, ensuring every detail is clearly visible and presenting highly realistic meeting content.

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