Promote fair and open international trade

Trade Agreements Act (TAA) (19 U.S.C. §§2501-2581) aims to promote fair and open international trade. It stipulates that products purchased by the U.S. government must come from the United States or other countries that support fair and open international trade.

BXB complies with TAA Compliant

BXB Electronics is committed to providing the highest quality and most reliable products. All products comply with TAA and GSA Schedule requirements and are U.S. government approved, ensuring customers are purchasing end products that were manufactured or significantly modified in the U.S. or other approved TAA-designated countries. BXB Electronics provides smart conference solutions to assist public departments in establishing smart conference rooms and simplifying the procurement process.

Learn about TAA Compliant

Trade Agreements Act (TAA), enacted in 1979, requires that final products purchased by the U.S. government and its federal contracts must be manufactured or substantially altered in the United States or a TAA-designated country. These designated countries include Caribbean Basin countries, WTO GPA countries, Free Trade Agreement countries and other “less developed” countries.