Unlocking Digital Potential: The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration’s Smart Meeting Room Initiative Leading Taiwan’s Industrial Innovation

In the wake of digital transformation, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs aims to be the most steadfast partner in the development of Taiwanese enterprises. Committed to providing resources, promoting digital transformation, and fostering business growth to enhance international competitiveness, SMEA has taken a significant step by upgrading its meeting room facilities into a smart meeting room, thereby achieving higher operational efficiency and effectiveness.


SMEA’s primary goal has always been to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with a vision of becoming a robust partner for their growth. Efficient internal communication and agile decision-making mechanisms are essential to ensure that the administration can respond to business changes, offering timely support and services.

As globalization and digitalization become the prevailing trends, SMEA requires a meeting space capable of supporting remote collaboration and digital transformation. This necessitates advanced technological equipment enabling real-time video conferencing, data sharing, and remote collaboration. Especially during crucial meetings and events, the capability to live stream and record sessions is essential, allowing the content to be broadcast to remote business partners and preserved as a knowledge asset for the administration’s ongoing learning and sharing.

To achieve these goals, the meeting room design must prioritize interactivity and comfort, offering participants a better sense of engagement and experience. It also presents an excellent opportunity to showcase SMEA’s technological application capabilities. An advanced meeting environment not only enhances the administration’s image but also demonstrates its innovative capacity and service level.

BXB Smart Meeting Room Solutions

BXB Electronics focuses on understanding the meeting scenarios and needs of various units, believing that corporate meeting rooms should transcend hardware platform limitations, integrate with cloud platforms, and provide a seamless collaboration environment that fosters innovation and creativity among participants.

  • Networked AVoIP solution- VDM series
    This advanced audiovisual transmission system offers 4K high-definition and unlimited distance transmission, meeting the needs of enterprises, schools, and public places. The system uses an intuitive Web GUI and IP technology, simplifying equipment configuration and management. It supports flexible configuration and unlimited expansion of transceiver equipment, ensuring easy deployment and efficient maintenance of a distributed audiovisual network. Whether for video walls or multimedia advertising displays, VDM is the best choice for modern digital solutions.
  • S-550M350 55″ Video Wall LCD
    Featuring high resolution, high brightness, and ultra-narrow bezels, this video wall offers optimal image effects. Flexible utilization of eight screen combinations maximizes display benefits, aiding decision-makers in comprehensively understanding data and information.
  • Professional PTZ Camera
    Automatically tracks speaker images and facial close-ups, providing high-quality images with smooth pan-tilt-zoom operations and precise positioning. It ensures no blind spots, excellent white balance, and exposure control, maintaining stable and clear images. Combined with the VT-725 remote control camera, it can be installed on desks or ceiling mounts, suitable for various scenarios.。
  • HDR-731 Streaming Media Processor
    Independently records and archives meeting presentations, speaker interactions, and participant discussions. The output can be customized for streaming on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and other RTSP-supported channels.
  • VT-725 Video Tracking Controller
    Tracks subjects anywhere in the room through virtual preset points and AI tracking features. Precisely captures moving speakers, keeping them centered in the frame, fully presenting their expressions and actions. Integrating display screen templates, it combines presentations and related information, reducing communication barriers and significantly enhancing participant trust and face-to-face meeting experiences.
  • Multimedia Conference Lifting Microphone
    Combines lift display and conference microphone with HDMI, DVI, VGA, and USB interfaces, adjustable screen angles for optimized viewing. Automatically powers on/off during lifting, saving energy and maintaining a tidy meeting space. The integrated embedded design is suitable for high-end administrative meeting venues.
  • Table Top Microphone
    Professional microphones designed for various meeting needs, ensuring clear communication among participants inside and outside the venue. Features include optimized viewing angles, streamlined design, and hidden speech buttons, with some models equipped with built-in speakers and support for external recording and headphone functions, enhancing meeting efficiency and participation experience.
  • Loudspeakers
    Multiple speaker series with clear, natural, and rich sound quality, reducing feedback and improving speech clarity. Wall-mounted, suspended, and ceiling-mounted broadcast speakers meet various application scenarios.
  • Accessories
    Providing multi-functional audio input/output processing, advanced audio technology, and modules to enhance the acoustic effect within the venue. Through multi-device management platforms, it offers an exceptional audio experience.
  • WKVM Wireless Presentation
    Eliminates the need for traditional wired connections, allowing participants to wirelessly project content from BYOD devices (such as phones, tablets, or laptops) onto large displays in the meeting room, sharing presentations, images, or videos instantly, without the hassle of cable switching and waiting times.
  • GS-1002P-V2 8 Port POE+Gigabit Switch
    Integrates data and audiovisual communications into a single IP network, meeting the power needs of various high-power devices like cameras and wireless APs. Suitable for VoIP, video conferencing, IP surveillance, IPTV, and other applications, offering flexible, safe, and energy-efficient POE deployment solutions.
  • PSC Power Controller
    Automatically controls the on/off of connected devices within the venue, saving energy and achieving automated control and remote management.

Usage Outcomes and Benefits

The smart meeting room design focuses on innovation, efficiency, energy-saving, and inclusivity to support internal and external communication and cooperation within SMEA, driving digital transformation. Key benefits include:

  1. Enhanced Decision-Making and Communication Efficiency:
    With an innovative 32:9 large display solution, participants can view more data and information at a glance, improving decision quality and speed. The AVIoT (Audio-Visual IoT) multimedia solution enhances meeting interactivity and diversity, making remote meetings more efficient and engaging.
  2. Extended Consultation and Training Applications:
    Through live video streaming functions, meeting and consultation content can be shared in real-time with a broader range of business partners. The recording and playback functions allow for on-demand access to audiovisual resources for internal education and training, promoting knowledge sharing and enhancing organizational learning capacity and flexibility.
  3. Strengthened Remote Collaboration and Information Sharing:
    Cloud remote video conferencing and smart image tracking technology make remote collaboration seamless and immersive. Wireless projection allows instant sharing and interaction of content from mobile phones, tablets, and laptops on large screens. This improves communication experiences with remote business partners and government colleagues, achieving efficient communication and collaboration.
  4. Environmental Protection and Energy Saving:
    The paperless meeting environment reduces dependency on paper, while the environmental control system minimizes energy consumption, ensuring efficient energy use and supporting sustainable development needs.
  5. Enhanced Innovation Service Capacity:
    The smart meeting room enables real-time video conferencing with multiple units and personnel, facilitating multi-party discussions and two-location connections. The complete recording of meetings ensures no information gaps. This not only improves SMEA’s communication efficiency and collaboration methods but also leverages innovative technologies to enhance service capacity.

By upgrading in this manner, SMEA will more effectively support the development needs of SMEs and start-ups, playing a more significant role in promoting economic growth and innovation. The BXB smart meeting room is not just a digital technology upgrade but a transformation of organizational work methods and culture, making it a true leader in the digital era.


Future Expansion Applications

As technology continues to develop and innovate, the application scope of smart meeting rooms will expand further. Meeting spaces will not only enhance internal communication efficiency but also bring extensive external collaboration advantages and social benefits, further driving SMEA’s development and growth.

BXB, with in-depth research on institutional needs, has created a dedicated smart meeting room featuring diverse functions, including presentation displays, remote video conferencing, online live speeches, and expert seminars. Real-time recording accumulates big data, making the meeting room a decision-making center for digital transformation. Future integration with the SC-100 Smart AVIoT Controller will enable comprehensive environmental control systems through a single-page graphical interface and shortcut keys, greatly enhancing meeting efficiency and operational experience.

The SMEA smart meeting room offers high-definition visuals and clear voice communication, facilitating smoother interactions with business partners. This not only provides more convenient and efficient services but also helps establish close cooperative relationships, promoting partner development. The establishment of the smart meeting room will further enhance SMEA’s service quality and influence, strengthening its value position in enterprise relations.