BXB Attends PALM EXPO and Prairie Trip in China

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【Writer/ Stacy Chiang】

After one-week visit in China, BXB holds fruitful joy back to Taiwan. Besides participating in 2015 PALM EXPO, we met some system integrators who have used BXB’s products for long and received lots of industry information and users’ requirements. After the exhibition, we were invited by our distributor in China- Litron Co., Ltd. joining their incentive tour in the prairie of Hebei Province.

PALM EXPO is held in Beijing’s China International Exhibition Centre (old venue) from 19th-22th, August. It gathers exhibitors of pro-audio, light, and instrument industries. BXB cooperated with Litron’s distributed brands- Atlas Sound and Revolabs displaying a total solution of conference system. The spot of displayed BXB FCS-6300 Conference System is super flexible-tube gooseneck microphone and new colored UFO series microphone unit. The durable gooseneck microphone possesses outstanding performance on noise avoidance and electromagnetic interference shielding. The frequent bending of the tube would not result in texture damage but can maintain the original condition. The tube would not rebound or drop off due to elastic fatigue. Besides, BXB’s UFO series microphone has all-black and all-silver outlooks for customers having more choices.

During the exhibition, we received a lot of feedback and opinion from local system integrators. They express high loyalty and credit to BXB’s quality. The one who is proposing the project of Academy of Military Science, Beijing indicated that the clear sound quality and easy installation of UFO series microphone really impressed him. He also looks forward to seeing BXB’s future products with different outlooks!

During the days in China, we deeply perceive that Litron’s General Manager Cong emphasizes on employee’s welfare and separates personal and business matters adequately. Every week Litron has company meal; per three months they hold birthday celebration party; every year they also gather the staff from every region of China to have incentive tour. In workplace, employees respect their superiors; however, after work they can be like friends chatting and kidding. Sometimes, they are also like families taking care of each other. Their relationship is deep and tight with no doubt.

It’s glad to have chance joining Litron’s incentive tour- Hebei’s Prairie Trip. The greenish trees and mountains, tortuous roads, and vigorous cows and sheep construct a splendid picture! We experienced classical rural life and praised that the people there can still be satisfied and happy even living in the place with limit resources.

Much thanks beyond what we can express during this trip! Thanks Litron’s General Manager Cong, Technical Supervisor Mr. Qiao and Mr. Zhan, Sales Manager Mr. Zhou and Mr. Yue’s information sharing. It assists BXB improving more and being stronger! We also appreciate Miss Wu, Miss Yi, and Mr. Lan’s accompanying. Our heart is always warm because of their enthusiasm! Moreover, we are thankful to Miss Zhao’s sincere care. When we feel uncomfortable, she is the first one who buys medicine and takes care of us. Her easygoing and vigorous personality always brings joy and happiness to us.
Litron’s enthusiasm impresses us a lot! We cherish this friendship very much, and the friendship can be closer and closer by every time we meet. Hope this relationship make Litron and BXB’s cooperation and business more prosperous and successful!