Let Women’s Voice Be Heard- BXB Supports APEC Women-Led Start-Up Accelerator Initiative

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Women thrive worldwide and are gaining power in recent years. To enlarge female entrepreneurial participation and strengthen women’s business competitiveness, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan cooperated with Indonesia, holding “APEC Women-Led Start-Up Accelerator Initiative” at Tacc+, Startup Terrace. For the epidemic reason, the event was held with video conferencing & live streaming mode. Women’s voices can all be heard by the world.

BXB specializes in applying digital technology to supporting enterprises with breaking the boundaries of communication. Besides, BXB’s Chairman Penny Wu is the runner-up of the 6th Women Entrepreneurship Program. Mrs. Penny thinks highly of women-friendly working environments and career development. She is also happy to share her experiences in many seminars and forums. Thus, BXB is proud to plan the scenarios and offer the most compatible digital equipment for this women-led event, helping the participants of the local and remote sides communicate and learn.Let’s check out how to arrange a successful live-streaming event.

Scenario 1

The event is held with both video conferencing and live streaming modes. The hosts, lecturers, and participants should interact with the attendees in Indonesia.

PTZ Camera and Personal Microphone- Perfect Match!

There are twoPTZ cameras set at the front and the rear respectively of the meeting room. The front camera is for the participants under the stage; the rear camera is for the host and lecturers on the stage. Each participant has a table-top microphone for speaking, which saves the labor and time cost of passing the wireless microphone.

Seamlessly Switch the Image, Clearly Present the Visualized Data

Based on the demands, the two projection screens on the stage can present different video sources such as PPT slides, the facial image of the host, the image of the participants under the stage, the remote attendees, and so on. As the picture is shown below, all people can clearly see the remote speaker and the PPT simultaneously.

The Monitor for the Host’s Exclusive Use; Effectively Master the Meeting

The host and lecturers on the stage are back to the projection screens; thus, they couldn’t watch the PPT slides and the image of the remote speakers. To solve this pain point, we prepare small monitors in front of them. They could get synchronous information as well as effectively master the meeting, making the communication smooth.

Self-defined Image Layouts to Present Pro-Level Live-streaming

Based on the scenario, you could create full-screen, picture-by-picture, quad view, picture-in-picture, and many more effects for your livestream.

Custom Background, LOGOs, Lower Third, and Title Overlays

Via WebGUI interface, you can randomly change the background graphics, LOGOs, titles, and lower thirds for livestream. While delivering information, you also create a better branding image. As the picture shown below, the name card of each lecturer was designed in advance. During the livestream, the name card could be quickly replaced so that all the participants could recognize the lecturers and clearly know who’s the present speaker.

Scenario 2

The local and remote speakers made presentations by turns. After that, it was followed by the Q&A session.

Easily Give PPT Control to the Remote Speaker

Locally, there’s an assigned person responsible for the switching and playing the slideshow. When the remote lecturer needs to give a presentation, the PPT control could be easily transferred. It’s easy for the lecturer to keep his/her own step on presentation.

Leave Questions Any Time to Achieve Instant and Convenient Interaction

The Slido platform effectively enhances audience accessibility and engagement. The participants just scan the QR code and then ask questions with name or anonymously, which can remove the fear for those introverted persons. During the Q&A, the image can be switched with PBP mode so that the question list and the lecturer’s image can be shown simultaneously. All the attendees can also clearly see the facial expression of the lecturer, making the Q&A more immersive.

Scenario 3

There’re three meeting rooms for group discussion; the local participants can hold project meetings and brainstorm with the participants in Indonesia.

Compatible with Mainstream Video Call Software

Each meeting room has a set of video conferencing equipment, including a conference microphone, USB camera, and control software. The cardioid-designed microphone only receives the voice of the in-front speaker, which fully avoids taking the surrounding noises as well as ensuring the clarity of the speaking. The meeting can be held via ZOOM, Skype, and other video call software that participants are accustomed to use. Easy and user-friendly!

Scenario 4

On the final day of the event, the participants should make a wrap-up presentation.

Just Make a Presentation on the Seat, Matching with Speaker’s Image Auto-tracking

Only two cameras can achieve this goal. One is for the presenter; the projection screen shows the PPT slides and the image of the presenter simultaneously. The presenter doesn’t need to be on the stage; instead, he/she just sits and uses the wireless pointer to make the presentation. Another camera is for the host. As the host is making comments, the screen can be switched to the host’s image.

The participants of this event specialize in diverse fields, including the APEC representatives, non-governmental organizations, specialists of industry, official, and university, entrepreneurs from early stage start-ups, and other industry insiders. A total of 200 people locally and online participating in this event. Via BXB’s live streaming and video conferencing solution, the participants can make transnational interaction and discussion about personal experiences and sources. BXB would keep applying digital technology to help more corporations and organizations with high-efficient and high-quality business communication.

The Products Used

Table-top Chairman/Delegate Unit