Job Opening

For 31 years, BXB has been constantly evolving, optimizing workflows, innovating marketing strategies, and upgrading products. All of this is happening daily because every BXB employee knows that they are the boss of their own job and their own brand, and personal branding is the key to creating BXB brand’s success. If you are a self-disciplined and creative person, welcome to join BXB, where you can achieve self-realization in an environment that supports it.

  • Information Engineer (1 position)
  • Backend Engineer (2 positions)
  • Domestic Sales Engineer (2 positions, Taipei office)
  • International Sales Engineer (1 position)
  • C# Software Engineer (1 position)
  • International Sales Manager (2 positions)
  • Hardware R&D Engineer (1 position)
  • Product Testing Engineer (1 position)


BXB is committed to bringing the PA and conference system industry into a new era, becoming an expert in smart office and smart campus solutions that are IP-based, intelligent, and cloud-based. We actively cultivate talents in product innovation, R&D, and marketing, provide various training programs, and offer subsidies for further education to strengthen the knowledge and management skills of our colleagues. We welcome those with dreams and passion, who are willing to take on challenges, to join us and achieve success with BXB.

Work & Life Balance

BXB is committed to creating a warm and pleasant team atmosphere where we can enjoy both work and life. Every year, we arrange family-day events, birthday celebrations, staff gatherings, domestic and international trips (such as Bali, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea), and other activities. You can fully immerse yourself in work while also enjoying leisurely fun.


BXB adheres to the philosophy of “Use tech to break barriers” and provides smart office and smart classroom solutions. With over 31 years of industry experience, BXB has a high market share of 60% in Taiwan, and has installation cases in over 50 countries. BXB has been honored with awards such as National Invention and Creation Award, iF Design Award, G-mark Design Award, Taiwan Excellence Award, and the 7th D&B Top 1000 Elite SME Award.


  • Salary and benefits: Year-end bonus, R&D bonus, project bonus, year-end performance bonus, long-term employment bonus, employee stock, etc. (average salary increase of about 3% in the past 2 years).
  • Leave and welfare: Two-day off per week, complying with the Labor Standards Act.
  • Working environment: Smart office & cloud-based collaborative platform, unlimited premium coffee, various snacks, drinks, and instant noodles provided.
  • Others: Marriage, funeral, and celebratory subsidies, group insurance, travel allowance, health checkups, etc.


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