How to select the right matrix switcher for your A/V system in the post-pandemic era?

The new trend of the audio-visual matrix switcher

During the epidemic, the wave of digital transformation is pretty high so we see some needs will become the new trend after the epidemic. In the professional audio-visual system integration industry, the audio-visual matrix switcher is an obvious example.

In 2020, AV over IP installations saw a year-to-year increase of 138% according to Futuresource Consulting. Meanwhile, the traditional AV matrix switch installations fell 3.4%.

Futuresource predicts a compound annual growth rate of nearly 65% until 2021, when most installations will, by default, rely on an AV over IP infrastructure.

What are matrix switchers?

Literally, a matrix switcher is a device to route multiple audio / video sources to multiple audio / video destinations. A matrix switcher accepts input sources – including computers, cameras, DVD players, media processors, media servers, etc. It also routes signals to various and different destinations, such as screens, flat panel displays, dvLED displays, loudspeakers, and video conference devices.

However, the concept and form fact of matrix switcher has fundamentally changed because of the installation of AV over IP matrix switcher.

How are matrix switchers used?

In a commercial AV project, a matrix switcher is a basic and must-have device in applications such as corporate boardrooms, classrooms, restaurants, video conference rooms or command and control centers.

AV over IP delivers audio and video contents over TCP / IP standard Ethernet network, including 4K / 60 video, audio, peripherals and control signals. It offers more flexible installations and easier way of integration and operations for installer and end-users. For more details, please refer to this article- IP-based matrix switching and traditional matrix switching.

How to select the right matrix switcher?

An AVoIP matrix switcher is constructed by three components: matrix encoder & decoder, network switch, and a management platform. The easiest way of selecting a suitable solution is to make sure if the three components are all compatible with your application.

Matrix Encoder & Decoder

Matrix Encoders and decoders enable you to send high-resolution video, analog and digital audio virtually everywhere and anywhere through the network. Also, by adding encoders or decoders you can expand or scale up your project virtually without limitation. Matrix encoder & decoder provide the most scalable, flexible, cost-effective, and easiest controlled way for meeting rooms, enterprises, buildings, or stadiums without using expensive or proprietary AV matrix switchers.

Recommended product-VDM-4010 / 4020 4K over IP Matrix Encoder / Decoder – particularly designed for AVoIP system.

Network Switch

The custom settings of the switch and the high integration and compatibility of the encoder/decoder play a key factor in the success of an AV over IP project. Recommended product-ICP-5152 Programmed Media Gateway – particularly designed for AVoIP system.

Management Platform

A user-friendly management platform is critical because there are a lot of audio and video sources and destinations in a new AV matrix switching system. A well-designed management platform should include the features below:

  • Able to auto-detect encoder and decoders
  • Create and deploy multiviews, multiple zones, and video walls in minutes
  • Deploy sources and destinations via simple drag and drop in minutes

Pleaser refer to VDM-4050 AV over IP Controller

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