Speech Transmission Index for PA system (STIPA) and optimization of Electro-Acoustic and acoustic of building (Part II)

【Writer/ Hunk Huang】

Last time we have talked about what is STIPA. After understanding it, we are going to talk about how to measure STIPA.

STIPA Measure and preparation

The method of STIPA measurement can be divided in two parts. One is to measure the audio playing by the equipment at the audience’s position. We can use this method if the equipment just uses for playing the source. The other is link test. The audio was acquired from microphone and then amplify. We measure the audio at the audience’s position. If we have the PA system with microphone, we should use this method to measure in order to compare the frequency response of microphone and the amplified ability of pro-audio equipment. To measure it, we have to put a talk-box at 0.5 meter in front of microphone to let the microphone acquire the audio. The equipments that have to be used is listed below:

  1. standard talk-box with audio signal like Redrock BTB65
  2. complete PA system
  3. the environment nearly the same as the normal environment, ensure the noise value
  4. STIPA measure device
  5. intercom for adjust the sound
  6. 2 tripods which can reach the height 160-170cm