SM50 STIPA Meter Ensures the Perfect Sound Quality

The SM50 is a precise acoustic measuring instrument. Just “one-touch”, you can easily evaluate the speech intelligibility and acoustic quality of any sites. It’s user-friendly and intuitive to operate. You don’t need to spend lots of time on reading the instruction manual. Besides, you can charge the device and retrieve your stored measurement data directly through USB, fast and eco-friendly!

Just listen by your ears?
Making the testing result of sound-quality more objective and closer to the user’s demands are the ultimate goals to every system integrators. However, just listening by ears is not effective and accurate to evaluate the speech intelligibility. There’re some factors that would affect the accuracy of the testing result:
● The surrounded noises cover the sound from the loudspeaker, affecting our sense of hearing.
● The quality of acoustic equipment could cause the sound performance.
● There’re obstacles or reflective surfaces on site.
● Human’s listening fatigue with too much levels of sound pressure would cause the decrease of speech intelligibility.
● Every persons have different senses to the sound, causing the testing result too subjective.
Thus, to objectively evaluate the sound quality of your acoustic system and reach the goal of transmitting “clear” and “effective” PA messages, it’s essential to use an international-certified STIPA measuring device.

Picture 1: Accurately evaluate the speech intelligibility based on the STIPA value

What can SM50 do for you?

● Before the construction: if there’re existing noises surrounded by the site, you can choose the suitable insulations in advance. It could avoid the refurbishment after the completion of construction, greatly decreasing the cost and labor.
● In the process of construction: based on the measuring result, you can adjust the position/direction of the loudspeakers and reflective interfaces immediately.
● After the completion of construction: the STI value can be regarded as the standard for the acceptance of work. At last, the site could offer the perfect quality of sound field and make the listeners hear the clear sound of PA messages.

Who choose SM50?

One Touch Only!

Starting your measurement is as simple as pressing a button! The measuring value would keep updating on the touch screen of the device, just as easy as using your smartphone. You don’t need to memorize complex menu structures. Moreover, you can retrieve the stored measurement data through USB, quick and convenient!

Great Helper for Professional Audio Engineers

The SM50 has more to offer than just STI measurements. Such as the integrated Sound Pressure Level meter with all the usual settings (including A, C and Z-weighting, fast-slow and Leq) and a Real-Time Analyzer (RTA) with 1/1 and 1/3 octave resolution. It ensures you gaining the most accurate and reliable results of speech intelligibility testing.

Impressive Measuring Microphone

The SM50 offers an impressive combined measuring range of 120 dB. It also comes standard with a Type 2 / Class 2 measuring microphone and can work with any measuring microphone that operates on 48V phantom power.

Upgrade the Firmware for Free

You can upgrade the firmware for free and enjoy the newest modules and functions of the device. We also provide a two-year warranty.

Eco-friendly Power Supply

The SM50 is equipped with the 1.8V low self-discharge nickel-metal hydride battery. It performs approximate 5-8 hours of use on a single charge with working about 350 times of measurements. You can also recharge the device simply through USB wall charger.



● 4 GB available for storing measurement data.
● Combined measuring range of microphone pre-amplifier> 120 dB.
● Linear measuring range with included microphone: 30 to 124 dB.
● Fully compliant with IEC-60268-16 4th edition (2011).
● Equipped with a world charger.
To gain the perfect sound quality, what you need is SM50!
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