Q.con- Your Best Partner for Business Video Conference

To pursue efficacy and convenience as well as achieve the best result of communication, many companies nowadays choose video conferencing as the way of business negotiation, customer service, staff training, and collaboration. The video conferencing products in the recent market have already been able to satisfy basic demands. However, you may still face some problems that you try to solve but couldn’t find the right way.

Situation 1:
The video conferencing equipment in the recent market usually works with high-sensitivity microphone put on the center of meeting table. The high-range sound reception and high sensitivity can receive all attendees’ sounds. However, the advantages can also be disadvantages! The high sensitivity would receive the noise such as paper flipping-through, typing, chairs moving, people’s coughing and so forth. It greatly affects the listening clarity. Moreover, the sound of private discussion would be also received so that attendees should especially keep their voice down. The meeting quality and efficacy would be badly influenced.

Solution-> Solution→ Personal microphone. Q.con offers every attendee a personal cardioid microphone, which can accurately receive speaker’s voice and avoid taking the surrounded noises. It can also adequately shield off the content of private discussion. The main problem you face can be totally solved!

Situation 2:
Although general video conferencing solutions are equipped with a PTZ camera for speaker’s close-up, the accuracy of video tracking is not ideal enough. The main reason is that it applies triangulation sound source localization to calculate speaker’s position. The tracking accuracy would vary based on different meeting environments. Due to this reason, most of users use panoramic modes at meeting. It’s no problem to apply this mode at the meeting with just a couple of people. However, with many people in a meeting it’s hard to recognize the recent speaker; the other side of the meeting could also see your private discussion very clearly. If you would like to make close-up on a specified speaker, you usually need to use extra remote controller. After a long-time meeting, you would be exhausted.

Solution->Q.con’s speaker’s image auto-tracking and close-up function. As a speaker turns on the microphone, Q.con’s HD camera would accurately auto-track the speaker’s image with close-up mode. If another speaker turns on the microphone, the camera would turn to that speaker’s position. It makes you and the other side instantly knows the present speaker.

Remote video conferencing has already been the main channel for business communication. It’s flexible and cost-saving. However, the hardware installation is still a great expanse for small and medium enterprises. Therefore, BXB would like to recommend another video conferencing solution to you. We’re all familiar with the instant messaging software such as Skype, Hangouts, and Wechat. They’re the tool we use most of everyday and they’re also the most commonly used channels for remote communication. Recently, these software upgrade for more business demands. Taking Skype as the example, it’s built with 25-point video conferencing for free. Previously, both you and your other side should have a Skype account. Now attributed to WebRTC, just the calling person needs to activate the account, create a web link, and then send the link to other attendees to start a video conference with web browser modes. You don’t need to download extra software and be limited with account registration. Now you can use BXB’s Q.con system with this mode to have a international-scale meeting with the low budget!

Now, please visualize a meeting situation: at an important business video conference, you take several top officials to the meeting for discussing strategies. However, if the voice and image of your party’s private discussion can be seen by the other party, do you think this negotiation still have the advantages?

That’s right! Possessing the conferencing equipment with personal sound reception and speaker’s close-up auto-tracking function can make you keep perfectly composed during the negotiation. Q.con can make it for you! You can add Q.con on your present video conferencing system. Via simple and convenient devices, your meeting quality and efficacy would be substantially enhanced. Q.con is definitely your best tool for business video conference!