How to Make Meeting Rooms to be the Catalyst of Corporate Digital Transformation?

Is your company planning for digital transformation? Are you yearning for enhancing the collaboration efficacy two, three, even four times as much as you have expected? If so, then BXB’s smart meeting room solution could make a revolutionary change to your traditional image of team collaboration and further increase the business efficacy of your company!

An Out of Date Meeting Room is Unfavorable to Digital Transformation

The meeting equipment generally seen in corporations includes a projector, a projection screen, loudspeakers, conference microphones, and other acoustic equipment. During the meeting, a person should be assigned to turn off/on the light (for the image clarity of the projection screen), change/connect the cable when each speaker uses their own laptop to give a presentation. What the other attendees see is the projection screen with insufficient luminosity, which affects the clarity of message delivery. This meeting room arrangement would not only restrict the collaboration mode of knowledge workers, but restrain the creativity and thinking ability to the future.

Make Meeting Rooms Become Your “Digital Face”

The coronavirus outbreak in 2020 makes most business activities transfer to online and cloud platforms. We know each other and negotiate via a webcam. The image could deeply affect our evaluations to a company’s scale and quality. Therefore, a meeting room’s level becomes an important digital face to a company.

BXB Smart Meeting Room Solution

BXB is devoted to having an insight into the scenario and demands of customers. We consider that a meeting room should be flexible to use various hardware equipment and integrate with cloud platforms; that could offer organizations a smart scenario for seamless collaboration and limitless creativity.

Taking BXB’s meeting room in Taiwan Startup Terrace as an example, it can be used for local meetings, remote video conferencing, live streaming, professional seminars and all the recorded data can be accumulated as video big data, making a meeting room not only for discussion, but as a decision-making hub.

This smart meeting room is designed for medium-large scale (10~20 attendees) which integrates the following techniques and functions:

The array of the video wall fits in with the visual angle more, offering a wider and greater visual field. The supervisor can take in all the data and information at a glance, which facilitates more comprehensive decision-making. Moreover, the high-resolution, high-luminance, anti-reflection, and ultra-narrow video wall satisfies the demand that everyone tends to hold a meeting in a bright space. It also solves the problem of uncomfortable eyes caused by watching the screen for a long time.

The core technique of this solution is AVIoT (Audio-Visual IoT), which enables all the video equipment delivering data and being managed via TCP/IP protocol. The video wall mentioned above can be randomly switched to two 16:9 layouts, which facilitates holding a video conference and cloud collaboration. You can also make it as 8 individual screens for the situation room of smart factory. The layout can be designed and changed as you wish, which performs features of digital transformation- high flexibility and great agility.

Your meeting room can be a live studio, too. All the video sources captured from the audience, PPT contents, the image of the presenter can be livestreamed to the live platforms such as Youtube and Facebook for branding and promotion. The data can also be saved as the big data for employee training or knowledge base.

Hold a remote meeting via various software such as Zoom, Cisco, Webex, Microsoft Teams, etc. In BXB’s meeting room, we arranged two cameras. The front one captures the presenter’s image; the back one captures the entire 32:9 video wall, the attendees at the remote side could have an amazing visual experience.

When someone is speaking to the microphone, the camera would auto-track the speaker’s image. It can integrate with cloud meeting and 32:9 video wall, offering a face-to-face communication scenario. All the attendees can listen clearly and watch distinctly, making people closer.

BXB’s all-in-one lifting monitor and microphone is environment-friendly. The interactive multi-touch mode achieves more efficient and clearer message delivery. Moreover, the all-in-one panel is equipped with HDMI and USB ports, the presenter just connects the laptop with the port and then shares the ideas instantly.

The data in iPhone, Android smartphone, and laptop can be easily projected to the video wall. Via interactive multi-touch mode, it’s beneficial for seamless collaboration.

The equipment and devices in the meeting room can all be controlled via a tablet. You can change the signal sources, turn on/off the lifting monitors, control the camera’s angle, etc. In this case, the system is integrated with the room scheduling system of Startup Terrace. Based on the reserved meeting time, the system would turn on the specified equipment automatically. What the attendees only do is peacefully walk in the meeting room on time and then start a meeting promptly.

There’re several successful cases applied with this smart meeting room solution, such as PATTA International Ltd., Darmaw Construction Co., Ltd., Si Wan College of National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan Startup Terrace, etc. BXB’s solution offers the method of digital transformation, rather than the cold equipment. This solution changes the way of collaboration, embodies the spirit and agility of digital transformation, as well as strengthens the digital thinking of the team.

Start Digital Transformation from Your Meeting Room

Kick-off Digital Transformation from your meeting room!

Please contact us to experience the smart scenario of digital transformation.

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