The open microphone quantity setting and operating skill of conference system

Writer / VP Office

When purchasing a conference system, the quantity of microphone that can be opened at the same is usually considered as an estimate index. Usually we would think it’s better to open more microphone at the some time in a system, but for good sound quality, where to install the microphone and the quantity of opening microphone is an important issue that we should discuss with the scientific view.

In fact, it’s better to open less microphone at the same time!
We can consider microphone as the entrance of the sound to the audio system. It could acquire and amplify not only the voice from the person who speaks, but also some unnecessary noise in the environment. The more microphone is opened, the lower value the gain before feedback (GBF) is. The decrease value is per 3dB against the geometric progression of increase opening microphone quantity as the table below.