2015 BXB Incentive Tour- Busan & Jeju

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【Writer/ Liang-Bi Chen】

This month, General Manager Wu commissions BXB’s Employee Welfare Committee arranging this oversea trip to appreciate the hardworking of all staffs. After several discussions, we choose Jeju Island and Busan City for this year’s company tour. Jeju is a tranquil place which is full of natural scenary. It is also called “Honeymoon Island” by Korean people. Busan is a city similar with BXB’s headquarter- Kaohsiung City. It’s also the biggest harbor of Korea. We can see and learn the development of this city in these recent years.

BXB’s main purpose of holding an inventive tour is to enhance the relationship and coherence of the staff. Let’s see some reflections shared by our colleagues!

Boss Wu: Travelling with BXB’s staff is the most expecting and happiest thing every year! Since year 2001, it has already been 15 years holding company incentive tour. Every staff can feel relaxed on gathering with colleagues, family, and friends after work as well as make great memory ever. If we recharge ourselves and broaden our scopes of the world, it would be beneficial to us on creating higher performances of the work and turnover. Let’s travel abroad every year!

Penny: This is the first time bringing my three kids abroad. We really had a great time! My kids also share their great memories to friends proudly!

Liang-bi: I greatly feel fulfilled at this incentive tour with my nearly 2-year old son to reach the summit of Sunrise Peak, certified with World Natural Heritage by UNESCO and World New Seven Wonders. BXB had also been to another wonder Descending Dragon Bay in Vietnam two years ago. We are expecting to visit the resting 5 wonders! As standing in front of Busan Tower, I imagined that the Korean hero General Yi Sun-sin bravely confronted the invasion from Japan. The image of his defending act impresses me deeply. It’s really a wonderful experience of travelling Busan and Jeju.

Henry: This is my first time travelling to Korea. Although we had tight schedule of our journey, I was satisfied as seeing my mom’s happy face. She had fun of wearing Korean traditional dress and reaching the summit of Sunrise Peak. Thank BXB for holding this relaxing tour and offering a great chance to everyone gathering with family.

Dora: Before heading to Korea, I heard a lot that Jeju is a place for elder people. However, it’s not the truth! Jeju is a place where the elders dislike, I think. There’s no stunning spot and it’s really an exhausting schedule. I felt my bones nearly coming lose! However, one thing worthy to be mentioned is that everyone cast job aside temporarily and has great interaction and joy during the trip.

Vivian: This is the most exhausting and scary company tour I ever had. We met several turbulences during the flight; the plane shook intensely! Also, we transferred flight for many times, which is really in tight schedule. I totally felt myself like an artist who is hurry to propagandas.

Joanne: It’s really an adventurous flight. I firstly know the feeling of airsick; I felt like vomiting! This year’s company tour focuses on healthy and natural routes. The most impressive spot is Sunrise Peak. “Footprints in the mountains show where I have been”. Although the mountain slope is steep, the route and memory still rise vividly as everytime I recall.

Stacy: Although I’ve already been to Seoul before, the atmosphere in Busan and Jeju is totally different. Seoul is a good city for shopping. However, I didn’t have any idea what should I buy in the two places. During this trip, we visited many natural places and did a lot of sports such as mountain-climbing, train-taking, and walking. My calf’s muscle is still aching after coming back to Taiwan! This is also my first time taking mother abroad, which is a very special memory!

Sarah: This is my first time participating with company tour. It’s really a good chance for me chatting with colleagues and familiarizing myself into this big family- BXB. Some of my original impressions on Korea are totally different from what I really experienced. But only what doesn’t change is that Korean youngsters have good taste of fashion. I would like to make a conclusion to this trip: Busan is a good place of shopping!