Highlights of “Happy Christmas, exchange of Hearts” event

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"Writing/General manager's Office"

The end of the year is busy, but in this Christmas moment full of warmth and joy, Kaka colleagues still get together and enjoy the fun of exchanging gifts. Wu Zhaowen general Manager, Mrs. Wu’s add-ons activities and Hong Zhilin deputy general manager of the warm heart drink, but also let Christmas this day added a lot of surprises and warmth.

Stacy: As a new member of the Fortune Commission, this exchange of gifts was the first event to be held. Very happy to participate in the number of people, but also feel that we are very careful to prepare gifts, practical and good-looking. This year’s play is also very special, through the small picture card drawn by everyone, pick their own conjecture of the gift, but also see everyone’s creativity and witty. Wu General and Mrs. Wu also add more gifts and bonuses, so that the atmosphere of the event is even higher. Colleagues of the smile and joy of the atmosphere, so that this year’s Christmas more warm and joyful! We have to do it again next year!

Vivian: This year’s exchange of gifts, we are very careful to prepare to scream! I feel better than last year, hehe ~ but this year did not draw Wu sum Mrs. Wu plus the cash (PS. Feel a little lost). Next year to continue to draw prizes, refueling!!!

Guan June: This year is the first time to participate in the Christmas Exchange gift activities, very happy to have this opportunity to interact with you, holding both the expectation and fear of injury, sure enough, the activity is really good fun, in addition to Wu always and Mrs. Wu’s Plus, but also add another wave of activities of the climax Ah!!! Let me look forward more to next year’s Christmas Exchange gift event.

Moana: Thanks to this year’s new blessing partners, for us to promote this Christmas exchange of gifts activities, as a blessing of us, want to serve busy colleagues in each special festival, can add a little festive atmosphere, but busy is synchronized, so last year did not do the regret from this year to mend back!

Lara: The long-awaited Christmas Exchange gift Party is really exciting and fun, thank you very much for the company’s careful arrangements, as well as colleagues carefully prepared gifts, in the cold winter, let the card full of family-like warmth, draw fragrance Group is very happy, you can share the aroma of pleasure to everyone around you!

Cathy: Thank you company colleagues carefully prepared to exchange gifts program, very happy to share the joy of the gift, but also exchange to their super like the Blue Bud trumpet, can carry music everywhere, really great!

Scarlett: Thanks to Mengjun for his wonderful hosting and the Fortune committee that laid out the venue together. This year received a bookshelf, very practical yo, so at noon to eat when you do not have to take the book with a hand to eat tableware!

Adam: I’m glad to have the opportunity to take part in this Christmas exchange, and the coffee beans I draw are a necessity for me to work every morning and can bring a vibrant whole day! Praise!

Jiayuan: Thank you Wu, Mrs. Wu, Fu Committee and company colleagues predecessors, very lucky to be able to draw exchange gifts Plus, thank you very much, but also thank CO sister mixed noodles, later hungry can eat food and clothing, supplement nutrition refreshing spirit, everyone merry Christmas!