BXB Staff Training Review – Dale Carnegie Course

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BXB always regards staff training as an important activity because staff is the asset of a company. By enhancing the asset value, the organizing ability of each department can be naturally increased and finally the company’s competitiveness would be highly influenced. This month we carried out an interview with BXB’s three staffs who participated with Dale Carnegie Course. Please enjoy their reviews:

Q: What’s the most interesting part of this class for you?
Ann: The most interesting part is getting acquainted with the people from various industries. From listening to what they share, I can reflect what I should improve more. My view to the world, orientation to my life, and the attitude to many things around me are also changed. During the class, we encourage each other and grow together; that’s really a wonderful experience.

Daniel: The feature of this class is its interactive, encouraging, and relaxing atmosphere. Each trainee has the sense of involvement. Each period of class has its main theme and goal. From setting prospects, increasing confidence, carrying out a short speech, and breaking through the barriers, I was led and my comfort zone was gradually expanded. By the principles of Carnegie’s Golden Book, I’m more compatible and tolerant to my interpersonal relationship.

Q: Did you meet any difficulties and obstacles during the class?

Ting: Giving a speech calmly is always not easy. In each period of class, we need to deliver a 90-second speech more than two times. By practicing standing on the stage to have a short speech, I feel myself more logical and organized. I can express with simple and clear languages.

Q: What did you learn and change by this class?

Ting: I’m amply rewarded by this class. I start considering things from different aspects and trying what I’ve never done before. When my opinion is inconsistent with others’, I start avoiding being against with them and over-upholding my opinion. Instead, I listen to different voices, think the way of others first, and try to show understanding of other’s difficulties. And then I use buffer sentences to change the way I say and provide evidence to bring up the best solution. In this way, others would accept my opinion more and it can avoid my negative attitudes.

Daniel: I’m more like an introvert person. I felt considerably uncomfortable when I speak in front of people. However, from the practices every week, now I can share my experiences and goals with more relaxing feeling on the stage. To be honest, I’m fairly amazed of such improvement during only two-month period.
Q: What did you gain the most? Besides the help on your work, how does this class help your personal life? Besides the help on your work, how does this class help your personal life?

Ann: What I gain the most is about facing problems and difficulties. Before, I always showed blaming and complaint. Now, I would firstly understand the problem and what I should instantly solved. And then, I face the problem with positive and active way. Also, I’m more willing to request help from colleagues instead of bearing all the responsibilities by myself. By work distribution, colleagues can learn from each other as well as gain the sense of achievement. Finally, I appreciate and express my compliment more to what my colleagues did. These changes make my team more harmonious and let our working smoother.
Daniel: Via the interaction with the trainees of various industries, I know more about other’s personal experiences and the way they solve problems. It makes me learn and reflect myself. Virtually, everyone grows and supports each other; this is one part I feel the most wonderful.

Q: What the instant supports does this class provide?

Ting: When I teach my colleague or find their mistakes, this class helps me appreciate what they did first and then point out their mistakes with indirect expressions instead of direct blaming. Helping them learn and grow and setting a goal that they’re willing to pursue; I think it’s a great way to enhance their working effects and create a win-win outcome.

Ann: I learn how to handle with my pressure and collect all the facts before I make decisions. Also, I’m calmer to face my team’s problems. If I didn’t come to this class, these weeks I may still be involved in the negative attitudes and don’t know what should do next.

Q: Finally, do you have anything to say to BXB? And what’s your expectation in the future?

Ting: Thanks for the learning chance BXB provides. It makes me grow and change a lot. I expect myself applying what I learnt to the challenges faced in the future and sincerely showing my compliment, apology, and appreciation at any time. “Enthusiasm and devotion is not only the tip to the success, but the key to the miracle”. May it be the common wisdom to encourage you as well.

Ann: Thanks for the learning opportunity BXB offers. I found my great change after the class; and this change helps me face difficulties, solve problems, and work with happy mood even under lots of pressure. There is no limit to knowledge. I expect myself practicing what I preach, continuing influencing others, and finally making myself better and better.

Daniel: I appreciate what BXB cultivates me. Although I felt greatly stressful when I started this class, I still tried to adjust myself transforming the stress to the power of growth. Now the class is ended, it’s not the end, but another start, according to what my teacher said. I expect myself applying what I learnt to my life and work, thinking with positive ways, facing problems with brave attitudes, and finally being a great team leader in the future.

Congratulations! Our three staffs discover their excellence by the training. Certainly, each training is arranged following with company’s goal. However, the learning effect greatly influences personal growth. What each staff’s learn and experience can arouse the learning motivation of others, drive the innovation of BXB’s teams, make the best thing to better and better, and finally offers outstanding products and services to the customers supporting BXB.