2017 BXB’s Featured Product Launch and InfoComm India

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【Writer/ Dept. of Sales3】

To ensure BXB engages its partners and customers, BXB and Univeso Integrated Solutions (Univeso), the distributor of India, held the first product training in New Delhi on 23rd September. The training aimed to guide consultants and integrators on how to design their IP-based Multimedia PA System. The event participants learned the integration capability of the system which will be a useful and effective solution for Smart Campuses and Cities. We had a great time of sharing the latest technology trend and market strategies.

Following week, 2017 InfoComm India was grandly held in Bombay Exhibition Centre from 26th to 28th, September. This year, BXB firstly released the newest product – Clax Classroom Solution in InfoComm India. BXB is always devoted with product development. We continuously discover, search, and develop the software, hardware and services that meet customers’ needs. Clax is the solution that designed for a single class classroom. Users can project their multimedia learning materials to screen by connecting to PC, smartphone, USB pen drive, etc. which can greatly reduce the quantity of printing and paper-use.

Moreover, Clax is embedded with recording function that is able to record the teaching contents and then upload them to the cloud space for data sharing. It facilitates students previewing, taking notes during the class, and reviewing after class, which efficiently realizes flipped education and enhances learning effectiveness. Clax can also execute live streaming to other classrooms; the resources of every classroom can be shared to make the student learning more flexible.

ICP-5000 IP-based AV Solution is another highlight at the show. Users can not only use the control panel but also the tablet, smart phone, and telephone to send audio, text, image, video, and TTS (Text-to-Speech) broadcasting to desired zones, groups, or all zones. The system can also integrate with the equipment of door access, emergency call, two-way intercom, and power controller (controlling ON/OFF of TV, projectors) to instantly examine and manage the operation status of public equipment as well as to ensure the safety of people. The broadcasting schedule (date and time) is programmable based on users’ needs. The system would run PA automatically according to the set time, which can reduce labor cost and enhance the PA accuracy. Besides, by integrating BXB’s conference system with IP network, the meeting room is able to become a command center. As any incidents occur, the decision-maker can monitor from the CCTV video streaming, make discussion with the team, and take actions by PA announcement via audio, video, and silent modes.

For business meeting under 40 people, BXB also presented Q.con Video Conference Solution. It’s user friendly and easy to install. To start the meeting, you simply connect your laptop directly to Q.con and camera with USB cables, there’s no extra drivers needed. Then just use your favorite communication software in the usual way (Skype, Hangouts, Wechat, and QQ) to start a video conference. There is no need to spend time and effort learning a new software. From setting up to operate the system, BXB provides the most simple and effective solution to users.

Q.con works with FUN conference microphone that is awarded iF Design Award and G-mark Design Award. Its cardioid microphone, with automatic voice activation, prevent other speakers voices from bleeding onto the video conference, preserving the privacy of side discussions in the room, while microphones don’t need to be manually muted. The HD camera can auto-track the speaker and zoom in to the face, it ensures every attendee know who is the presenter and give a face-to-face meeting feeling.

The General Manager Raman specially shows appraisals to BXB’s Clax Classroom Solution. He said that this is the product that the recent education market requires. We’re glad to grow with our partner and innovate greater products and services.

Thanks again for everyone who visited BXB’s booth this time. We would keep going on and optimize our products and services. BXB would share more excellent news and our achievements to all of you. Please keep following our monthly report!