AV/IT Integration Seminar in the Philippines

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【Writer/ Dept. of Sales3】

Following with the trend of AV/IT integration, BXB’s Philippines distributor Fil-Nippon Technology Supply, Inc. (FNTSi) and their strategy partner Globaltronics held a 3-day seminar at the new coworking space- CLOCK IN in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Manila. The topic of the seminar is “AT/IT Integration- Now & To the Future”. BXB International Sales Manager, Selena, was invited to be the speaker to share how BXB applied IoT to the campus and the brand new concept of video conferencing solution.

Regarding campus applications, BXB’s ICP-5000 multimedia PA system has four main functions: environmental control, AV broadcasting, commanding, and security. The teaching contents can be projected easily and recorded for further teaching resources or remote classrooms. The campus can set the daily/exam schedules in advance, ICP-5000 would execute broadcasting automatically. With IoT, the images from the PA control station and CCTV system can be transmitted to the meeting room. Therefore, the meeting room could instantly become a command station for emergency or the operation base of campus activities/contests.

In CLOCK IN BGC, we also arrange a demo room for Q.con Video Conferencing Solution. Visitors can personally experience the sound clarity of BXB’s conference microphones and the convenience of speaker’s image auto-tracking function. The solution can solve the problems of microphone noise, feedback interference, and inaccurate tracking position of the camera that people normally meet during a video conference. To know more, welcome to make the reservation with FNTSi and check it out.