BXB Announces IP Multimedia Broadcast System & Q.con Video Conferencing Solution at 2017 InfoComm China

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Writer/ Dept. of Sales 2

2017 InfoComm China is grandly held from 12-14, April at Beijing Convention Center. This is BXB’s 8th year of attending this event. Different from previous years, this time we present brand new booth design and product demonstration, which attracts the attention from hundred of visitors.
BXB presents two representative products this year. First one is ICP-5000 IP Multimedia Broadcast System. It is demonstrated with the concept of smart campus. The total IP-based audio and video solution includes four kinds of applications:

● Integration of classroom equipment with entire campus: via BXB’s IP decoder, the system could integrate with various terminal equipment such as teaching speaker, matrix connector for projector, door access, emergency call, IP camera, CCTV, electronic fence, environmental detector, and so on. It satisfies the demands of equipment ease integration, instant deterrence, safety monitor, and quick evacuation.

● Application to AV addressable transmission: with the era of internet and smart life, BXB’s ICP-5000 system is able to transmit various multimedia information by graphical control software, general telephone, and BXB-developed APP. Audio, video, image, instant webcasting, TTS (text-to-speech), and text modes of messages can be auto-broadcasted via schedule setting. Moreover, via TCP/IP transmission technique, the system can remote control the electricity power of terminal equipment and analyze electricity-use, which saves energy and labor.

● Flexible setting up of emergency commanding center: the two features above has realized artificial intelligence. However, human being’s decision-making is required for commanding center’s establishment. Conference room can be the best space for emergency commanding. Via complete equipment in the conference room such as monitors, projector, microphones, desks and chairs, BXB’s IP broadcast system is able to apply TCP/IP technique to make you watch CCTV’s image and command the emergency reaction simultaneously.

● Complete functions of safety monitor and IP-based video intercom: public addressing system is the most general and best tool for message announcement. If we integrate safety control and emergency call into the system, the mechanism of protecting public safety would be thorough. The broadcasting system can be triggered by the emergency call equipment to do deterrent actions or auto-announce reaction messages. At the same time, the administrator at the main control room could watch CCTV’s image and then report instantly by two-way intercom.

Another highlight product is the newly-released Q.con Video Conferencing Solution. It greatly satisfies the demand of business video conference and easily substitutes other expensive video conferencing equipment. Q.con only requires one USB cable connecting with HD camera. Operating with BXB’s conference microphone with high sound quality, you can use the mainstream instant message software such as Skype, Wechat, QQ, and Hangouts to start a meeting. The HD camera can auto-track the position of speakers, which makes every attendee clearly see the talking speaker. Moreover, Q.con is easily installed without using any complicated driver, which is cost-saving.

This time we also exhibit two models of conference microphones awarded iF Design- UFO and FUN. The design concept comes from the meeting atmosphere we would like to make as well as Chinese culture. The main idea of UFO appearance is “Harmony, Satisfaction and Continuity”; the four equal side of FUN microphone’s outlook signifies everyone could carry out a meeting with an equal and impartial heart, leading to a peaceful and win-win outcome. Both two microphones also symbolizes Chinese phrase “the dome-like heaven embraces the vast earth”, which is the thought of knowing the world. The most attractive feature of the two microphones is their accurate voice activation and excellent sound quality, which gains lots of appraisal from visitors!

BXB always appreciates InfoComm’s attention and support to every exhibitor. This also drives us to actively participate in InfoComm’s exhibitions every year. This year we continuously cooperate with our Chinese distributor- Beijing Litron providing meeting equipment for sponsorship. Furthermore, BXB’s Vice President Jerry Hung is again invited to attend InfoComm China Summit sharing “New IoT Applications on Audio & Video Integration”, which attracts lots of audience from different industry fields.

Finally, we thank to Beijing Litron’s support. They help us build the booth, offer sponsor products, and invite local customers, which greatly enhances BXB’s brand awareness. Next year, BXB’s booth size would be extended to 87sqm. There would be more IP audio & video products demonstrated during the expo. Please look forward to it. See you next year!