2018 BXB’s Family Day- Flying to the World and Hunting for the Treasures

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Writer/BXB Staff

It has been October which is a great month for relaxing to face more challenges in the end of this year. BXB held the family day for the staff and their families. We reserved the whole venue of I-Ride Experience Center in Kaohsiung Software Park watching the VR 5D movie. The children too small to watch the movie could enjoy the fun of interactive painting and Taiwanese folkgame. And then, we took the light rail to Kaoshiung Port Warehouse No.2, the popular spot for hipsters, and started the exciting treasure hunt. At dinner, we enjoyed the fresh seafood, recollected the interesting parts, and expected the next trip.

Linda: It’s so happy to participate in BXB’s family day. The “i-Ride Panoramic Flying Attraction” is exciting and interesting, which makes me want to take a ride again. The treasure hunt also impresses me a lot. It seems the amount of my exercise for a year has been used up just for one day. Thanks BXB for holding the family day. It makes all staff’s relationship much closer.

Vivian: It’s pleasant to join BXB’s splendid family day. I can feel BXB employee welfare committee’s attentive arrangement. There’re abundant activities but not with the tight schedule. Before waiting for the exciting i-Ride, we could experience the 3D colored drawing and Taiwanese children’s folkgame. After the dynamic treasure hunt, we have the free time for leisurely walk. The employee welfare committee not only takes care of both adults and children, but makes everyone know more the beauty of Kaohsiung. The highlight of family day is definitely the treasure hunt. Everyone is deeply involved in the contest and trying their best finishing all the missions. I can see BXB’s spirit during the game. Thanks again for BXB giving me the unforgettable time with colleagues. I look forward the next family day.

Selena: Thanks our employee welfare committee for arranging wonderful family day every year. This is my first time experiencing the i-Ride. We appreciate the familiar tourist attractions of Kaohsiung and oversea cities such as Egypt and Rio with the bird’s eye view from the sky. From the treasure hunt, I discover that BXB’s people all have the determination to win. As the game started, each group ran about madly to search the treasures and could finally complete the missions right away. After that, we could go into the nearby Kaoshiung Port Warehouse No.2 to have a cup of coffee and small talk, which is relaxing and pleasant.

Mindy: I’m glad to participate in BXB’s family day. The i-Ride makes me experience the newest 5D technology. Regarding the treasure hunt, originally I just wanna take a walk to play this game. I didn’t expect that BXB’s people are so active and energetic. As the contest begins, everyone ran madly and tried the best to win the victory. It also urged me to stride and follow other’s steps. Fortunately, our team has God-like teammates and they led us getting the first place. After sweating, we strolled on the old railway and watched the children playing on the grassland. The cool autumn wind flew away all my worries. I appreciate BXB’s employee welfare committee holding this family day, making me enjoy a happy weekend.

Sonia: With clear autumn sky and crisp air, we enjoyed a great time on BXB’s family day. The first activity is watching the 5D movie at Kaohsiung Software Park. I felt like riding on a helicopter and flew to the sky. We can overlook the view of the entire Kaohsiung. The most special part is flying through the Liuho Tourist Night Market. I really smelt the scent of basil! It’s amazing to have the sense of presence!! After the 5D movie, it came to the treasure hunt that I’m interested in the most. I can greatly show my ability on this game because here is the place I’m familiar with a lot. As our team got the question bank, I quickly arranged the route and led my team members running at full speed. The point is enjoying the process of the contest, not the result. After that, everyone was starving. BXB’s employee welfare committee attentively reserved the nearby restaurant and we enjoyed the delicious dishes. This is my first time joining in BXB’s family day. I deeply perceive BXB’s warmness, making me feel like working at a happiness company. Thanks for BXB’s arrangement; everyone had a wonderful time.
Alan: This is my first time joining BXB’s family day. The employee welfare committee attentively arranges lots of joy for us. The schedule is not so tight so that my family could enjoy much free time together. My children had fun a lot. They said that it’s certain of joining BXB’s family day again! For me, this is also a great chance to have more contacts and understanding with colleagues. Thanks BXB for making us enjoy a wonderful weekend.

Victor: This is my first time participating in BXB’s family day. Thanks BXB employee welfare committee for arranging varied activities. This is my first time taking i-Ride and overlooking the entire Kaohsiung and world famous spots, which is an amazing experience! My family and I had a happy weekend due to BXB’s family day.