2018 Year-end Party

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Author / BXB Colleague

With the theme of“27 Years in Business, Make Another Success” and the atmosphere of “Happy Red”, our two beautiful hosts got the party started…

Stacy: To be the member of BXB’s Employee Welfare Committee, year-end party is one of the most important events of a year. I deeply perceived that holding an event is a complicated task. There’re so many talents in BXB. Everyone showed special skills that make the year-end party amazing. The power of teamwork and diligence they show is for giving all guests a great night, really touching! Moreover, our hosts held great composure on stage, which is also the key making this night successful! I also appreciate what our team did. Holding an event together is not easy; however, the sense of achievement is valuable!

Emily: It’s definitely an unforgettable party! I felt nervous but excited to be the host. However, performing the opening dance with colleagues makes me relaxed more. This experience also verifies the proverb, “One minute on the stage, ten years of practice off the stage”. From the arrangement of each performance, game, and lucky draw, to the rehearsal after work, all the preparations are just for making the event more interesting as well as letting all guests happy. Although there’re some unexpected things happened (ex., children are out of control, problems on the timing of music), we still reacted well. I would like to thank to my partner Lara. She edited the music and offered many brilliant ideas for hosting. Thank to Rita as well for giving me great encouragement and support. Finally, thank to the arrangement of BXB’s Employee Welfare Committee. The event offers BXB’s staff a great chance performing on the stage and presenting another side of them. After having this hosting experience, I believe that I would be more confident with standing on the stage.

Dora: After watching all the performances, I discover that we have many great dancers in BXB. Regarding our group’s performance, it’s wonderful but still couldn’t compare with the Group 2. It’s hardly able to defeat their power of attractiveness. However, we don’t need to be discouraged so much. Next year, we will return with success!

Michelle: This year’s party, I got the Senior Employee Prize. Time flies. I’ve worked in BXB for 5 years. I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisor Vivian. I didn’t have enough abilities on work at the beginning; however, now I can take charge as chief because of her training. She is also like a sister who generously shares her life experiences, which benefits me a lot. Furthermore, I thank to my working partner Joanne and Will. We help each other and grow together on working. I believe that we can make better achievements with the power of solidarity!

Scarlett: This is my first time joining BXB’s year-end party. I enjoyed each part that the Employee Welfare Committee arranged, which is interesting and impressive. One thing worthy to be mentioned is that the progress of rehearsing with the Property Department is interesting. At the beginning, everyone was shy to make suggestions. However, after being familiar with each other, there were more and more ideas and discussions made. Regardless of the result, it’s greatly valuable of making a good memory together. We’re the best! Finally, I definitely thank to General Wu and BXB. It’s a great honor to get the first prize. I also appreciate VP Jerry with letting me join BXB. I perceive my growth during the time in BXB. Moreover, I would like to thank for my working partners Roger, Laby, Corinna, Tony, Max, and Jia-sian. I learnt a lot from your merits. Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude to Ting, Stacy, FAE, international sales, and other colleagues You support me a lot. Let’s develop better products and make more beautiful future!

Jack: This is the second time participating in BXB’s year-end party but my first time performing on stage. Everyone put on the make-up and dressed up formally. On the stage, it’s amazing that BXB’s staff tried the whole bag of tricks. My group also tried best spreading happiness to the audience. After the fierce competition, it’s honorable that my group got the first place! I’m so happy and thankful to the support of my group members. In 2018, I wish everyone better and better!