International Security Expo 2016

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Writer/Dept. of Domestic Sales

Secutech 2016-The 19th International Exhibition and Conference for Electronic Security, Info Security, Fire and Safety – took place at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (TWTC Nangang) on 19 to 21 April. This year, following the transformation of security industry, Secutech expanded its area from security to intelligent building, corporate risk prevention and management ; also from one single appliance to total solution, integrated system and customized project. BXB did not miss this great chance to show our latest ICP-5000 IP based audio/video PA System and FUN Conference Microphone which was just honored iF Design Award 2016.

Under the trend of pursuing intelligent campus, by using the campus as the IoT main core, through IP internet digital transmission, BXB launched a IP based audio/video PA System-ICP 5000. The system, we do not only keep the advantages of previous model “WMP-2100”, but also integrate various functions, such as into icloud platform for making the broadcasting transmitted via internet. In order to have efficient integration and utilization, BXB used TCP/IP and wifi technology to make mobile appliance become the command center and provide high-quality 1080P(1920×1080) video/audio which makes learning more interesting. Since 2014, Ministry of Education had implemented English listening test in junior high schools. In 2015, English listening test was included in official exam, therefore, the clearness of English test is far more important. BXB do not only use STIPA as our system standard, but also inlcude TTS (Text-To-Speech) function, from transfering English listening questions into sound broadcasting, which saved manpower for organizer and provided clear learning environement for exam takers. Nevertheless, in recent years, more and more news about campus security happened in our society. BXB’s ICP-5000 solution can be used as emergency beacon when students are in danger. They can call for help with emergency call and let managing people see what happened and receive message at the first time. Via video intercom and integrating with microphone can tell the on-site situation and give proper directions. Moreover, being one of the Circum- Pacific seismic zone countries, Taiwan has high frequency of earthquakes. Therefore, BXB integrates with Early Earthquake Warning software of Central Weather Bureau to provide clear command with TTS function when an earthquake hits.

One of the highlight of the exhibition is FUN conference microphone winning iF Design Award 2015. BXB designs a microphone with the concept coming out from equivalent sides of a square. It was named as FUN series since “FUN” has the similar pronunciation of “fung” 方 (square) in Chinese. The square microphone base signifies everyone could carry out a meeting with an equal and impartial heart. The natural arc of the square compares to attendee’s not giving tit for tat but being fairly tolerant. The panel color provides black, silver and white that can be customized according to different requirements that creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The concealing LED indicator light reduces the light pollution to users. And the minimum space requirement (11.5X10CM) saves the maximum available space for attendees. Each microphone unit is equipped with OLED which can show conference mode Normal, FIFO, Override and Chairman and ID number. Moreover, it can also indicate working voltage ( 5V~24V) and warning of low-voltage that enable to installers and managing people quickly know which is the broken unit and make meetings go smoothly. Precise voice-control can excellently recognize speaker’s voice to auto-on the microphone without being affected by the surrounded speakers and applause. After the speaker finishes talking, the microphone can be off automatically. The function was highly praised by the visitors. Furthermore, when a spare part is needed during important meetings, through ID setting, the chairman unit can be set as delegate one which ID is 001~999. A novel function “Deputy Chairman” is created in delegate unit. Under the status of microphone setting, press speaking button for 3 seconds while setting delegate as chairman ID *01~*10, delegate will become “Deputy Chairman.” Adjusting the delegate access as chairman one out of the standard conference mode according to different requirements can make meeting more flexible.

The overwhelming response is the most inspiring encouragement for BXB. We will integrate teaching, research, management, resources on campus and application system to increase system clarity, flexibility, and realize intelligent service for managements in campus. We are deeply appreciating all guests who visited our booth and their valuable advice and recognition. BXB will launch more novel products in the future. See you next year!