BXB’s New-type Network Media System Amazed Visitors in 2016 KOBA SHOW

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【Writer/ Dept. of Sales3】

KOBA SHOW, held from 24-27 May at COEX (Convention & Exhibition Center) in Korea, has rounded off. BXB participated in this show with Korean distributor- Dongkuk Media and displayed our hot products ICP-5000 New-type Network Media System and conferencing product which gained iF Design Award – FUN series microphone.

ICP-5000 Network Media System is IP-based which provides a complete solution for smart campus and smart city. It applies internet to connect PA system for campus, conferencing and commanding system, and security system together. The system is equipped with graphical software with Korean interface and Full HD video transmission with 8 channels. In terms of sources, there’re sound, video, image, and text that can be applied. As broadcasting, you can choose pictures with TTS (text-to-speech), scrolling text for electronic marquee, music with electronic message billboard, or simply display text or picture to achieve silent broadcasting. The application is varied and flexible!

Regarding the setting of zones and groups for broadcasting, you can use the equipped software to expand to the maximum of 999 zones and 70 groups. The decoder for each receiver possesses environmental control and integration ability. It provides 3 sets of NO/NC terminals that can set the trigger of emergency-priority broadcasting and door access alarming. Decoders can also control the power and channel-selection of TV, set the temperature of air-conditioner, analyze the hours of usage for projector, and so on. To construct an emergency commanding station, you can connect conferencing and security equipment together. The system can transmit audio and video signals from conference microphones and CCTV to the server via Internet.

FUN series (DSP series in Korea) conference microphone was firstly announced in KOBA SHOW 2014. Up to now, we have collected lots of valuable feedback. Recently, FUN series got 2016 iF Design Award and has started mass production this year. Its characteristics of sense of design and outstanding VOX (voice activation) performance attract many old and new friends visiting BXB’s booth. The base of FUN series is the smallest one among all conference microphones around the world. The 45-degree inclined plane can bring the table-using space back to users, which is especially compelling. We even more upgrade the VOX quality that microphone can recognize human’s voice accurately without being interfered with the surrounded noises such as clapping. Many visitors who personally experience are fond of VOX quality as well as the clear and perfect sound output. Mr. Lee of Telscom expressed that some his customers have already chosen FUN series for next project. FUN series has many other distinguished features. To know more, please refer to BXB’s monthly report of April issue 2016- “Great Success! BXB FUN Microphone Won iF Design Award”.

Our brand BXB has already promoted in Korea for nearly 20 years. With the leading by Mr. Kim of Dongkuk Media and our devotion of offering high-quality products and best customer services, BXB has considerably held high market share in Korea. We greatly thank for Mr. Kim as well as Mr. Kwak and Mr. Lee’s warm supports for this successful show. We also expect the newly announced New-type Network Media System can be greatly integrated with Korean’s campus equipment and finally realize smart teaching and smart management perfectly!