BXB and Fooyin University formed an alliance to create smart learning and industry-university cooperation

The integration of technology and teaching is a trend of future development, and smart learning technology is also constantly innovating. To meet the teaching interaction needs of the students and teachers of Fooyin University, BXB has designed relevant solutions for different situations, cooperated to create smart learning classrooms, introduced technology software and hardware equipment and AI big data analysis, so that teachers and students can perform interactive teaching both remotely and on-site, and also check students’ learning progress simultaneously. BXB Improves learning efficiency through technology, which is more in line with the teacher’s vision for teaching.

Strategic Alliance and Industry-University Cooperation

Fooyin University is a leader in the nursing field in southern Taiwan, and has worked with the government to promote smart healthcare. Since she took office, University President Huey-Shyan Lin has devoted herself to innovation in teaching and smart healthcare. She believes that education must incorporate an entrepreneurial spirit, focus on performance, and create a reputation in order to operate sustainably. Through the added value of smart learning classrooms, we integrate the 3 major technologies: “Technology ABC” artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud, into professional teaching, to meet the teacher’s distance or blended teaching needs, and build Fooyin University into an excellent university navigated by health technology. 

BXB recognizes its performance and philosophy, because both sides attach great importance to human resource development. We signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Dec. 27, and sponsored NT$500, 000 as a school development fund. President Jerry Hung stated that knowledge has no limits. BXB encourages innovation and lifelong learning of employees, giving employees a valuable life. We hope both sides will strengthen cooperation and exchange of industry-university cooperation of human resources. Through smart learning classrooms, refresher courses in the field of health care are set up to let everyone study happily, live healthily, and create a better future together. 

Solutions and Performance

President LIN, HUI-HSIEN explained that BXB’s audio-visual transmission system is a patented product, which is different from traditional video equipment in that it uses the Internet to integrate audio-visual concatenation, no need for secondary photography for presentation. With an “AI face tracking system“, the camera will naturally focus on the student who raises a question, so that the teacher can see it through the screen. When students are practicing in groups, the teacher can immediately project to the screen to share with other groups, or, if there are mistakes, they can also be corrected immediately through the screen. 

Considering some industry experts can not go to the school because of the distance, you can use the equipment to carry out “double teachers teaching mode”, providing students maximum learning benefits. In the future, we hope it can not only be used in teaching, but students can also use it to livestream, and even in academic institution seminars. Through technology, we improve the efficiency of teaching to meet the needs of different situations.

The project team led by president Hung divided the smart teaching hardware into five elements, namely, teaching interaction, process recording, AI analysis, knowledge diffusion, and knowledge extension. He believes that these five elements should be mastered to have complete teaching and learning, and to realize a smart teaching environment. In the past, collection and analysis of big data were mostly by text instead of images and pictures. Being able to record the teachers’ teaching process, form a video big data, and then apply AI analysis to make an 8-minute highlight out of an original 1-hour teaching for students to review, not only follows the idea of a flipped classroom, which makes the classroom no longer just a general classroom, but also enforces the course of designing a smart classroom. 

Related application products


Paperless Integration Dashboard】 Students can quickly send images to the main screen of the classroom by simply connecting their laptop/mobile phone and pressing the presentation key, and each teacher and student can keep up with the reporter’s presentation progress at any time. The teacher can also assign the screen of the student he wants to display, and share it to the big screen for interactive communication, achieving a paperless collaborative environment.
Video Conference Devices】The video devices which are compatible with various software platforms, providing teachers and students with an interactive audio-visual learning mode across regions and countries.
Video Wall Display】 The screen with 4K resolution makes the media contents of multimedia teaching materials clearer; it can also present multiple information at the same time, making visual info easy to read at a glance.
IP camera and image tracking controller】Two IP cameras are used to record the teacher and students at the same time.
When a teacher or student turns on the microphone to speak, the camera will automatically track and quickly focus on the speaker, so you can know which student is speaking at any time, whether you are on-site or joining remotely.
Network Distributed Video Controller】Through the WebGUI interface, you can create video splitting specifications (2×1, 2×2, 3×3, etc.) before the class, and then quickly switch between the video of camera, presentation, and student seats during the course, allowing for more efficient learning.
Live Recording & Streaming Devices】All course presentations, audiovisual materials, and interactive questions from students can be recorded and filed independently. At the same time, you can live stream the output screen, which has been customized, via Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms that support RTSP streaming.
Audio PA System】The line array speaker, audio mixer, power amplifier and other devices effectively transmit clear and full sound quality, allowing students to learn in a comfortable and pleasant environment.