BXB “Smart Meeting Room Solution” is well received by big tech companies! We will penetrate the “individual market” in 2023

BXB was established in 1991. Many of the meeting and public broadcasting systems in Taiwan come from BXB, including the Office of the President, the Executive Yuan, the Central Weather Bureau, the National Biotechnology Research Park of Academia Sinica, and many national universities such as National Chengchi University, National Sun Yat-sen University, and National Cheng Kung University are all using BXB’s products. With a market share as high as 60%, we are not only the top brand in Taiwan, but also have been selling our own brand, BXB, in more than 50 countries worldwide for the past 31 years. 

Times are advancing and technology is also constantly innovating, especially in recent years, as the demand for work from home and remote work has increased significantly due to the pandemic, and the use of video conferencing is even more popular.

Jerry Hung (洪誌臨), the president of BXB, is deeply convinced of the importance of digital transformation. We invested tens of millions of dollars in technology research and development every year, the process could be described as a struggle, but fortunately, everything turned out to be worth it. Our intelligent conference system with audiovisual streaming technology was highly appreciated by business owners. Jerry Hung said, “We have gone beyond the analog audio system and developed an intelligent conference system by combining the audiovisual internet of things (IoT) technology. ASE Technology, HIWIN Technologies, and other major manufacturers are all our customers.”To keep BXB at the forefront of the market. To keep BXB at the forefront of the market. 


BXB Smart Meeting Room Solution

Still the next challenge for BXB is to maintain its leading position in the market. Jerry Hung revealed that the digital transformation is still ongoing. First of all, the company will reconstruct the BI system completely. “We want to make sure that mistakes that might occur in the workflow will not be left until the last step, which means that we don’t leave it up to the line supervisor to debug.”

By setting up a dashboard, an alert message will be sent if there is any problem, reminding employees to correct the defects immediately, and avoiding the unnecessary cost of follow-up. “Digital transformation within our company is also the future business model. By using the audiovisual communication system, we can solve problems in real time, and reduce communication costs.” 

BXB has always been committed to developing products such as B2B systems, which have the advantage of easily making a difference, and having unique value in the market. Jerry Hung said that in the past, the way of selling products was to promote and sell them through distributors, with little contact with end users. The benefits of this include good gross profit, lower personnel costs in the business, and value diffusion through distributor promotion.

Yet the downside is that with less contact with end-users, we may face the risk of being detached from the market. “Whenever there is a change in the market or the end-user’s needs have changed, and we still know nothing about it.” 

In addition, “When new products are developed, there is no way for distributors to convey their value completely.” In response, BXB set up a Project Business Department last year (2021). Jerry Hung stated that the Project Business Department communicates with end-users directly, and focuses on helping customers fulfill their needs of digitalization in the field, instead of making profit as the most important choice at the moment, “After all, we are an OBM, and the most important mission of the Project Business Department is how to support the application of products to customers’ fields.” 

However, will the establishment of the Project Business Department cause any conflict with the interests of the distributors? 

Jerry Hung said, “The distributors have always been our good partners that we work closely with, so the Project Business Department only does the value transmission on the front end, while the installation, construction, and follow-up maintenance are all handled by the distributors.” 

The advantage of doing this is that distributors do not need to go through education training before they enter the market to promote products, but can now learn our system while they are working on it. 

Look ahead, deepen customers' brand awareness of BXB

The year 2022 has come to an end. For next year’s outlook, Hong Chi Lin said, “We want to enter the business market of individuals, and if we do not have a share in the market, it means that we have no influence.” He aims to make the brand BXB known to everyone, and locking down products for personal use is the fastest way to reach it. 

By shrinking the products originally belonging to a company to products that will be used by individuals, customers will be able to have high-quality meetings and discussions anytime and anywhere, thereby enhancing work efficiency. Therefore, next year, BXB will open an e-commerce website and target the white-collar group, aged 35-55, hoping that more people will get to know BXB and use technology to break the communication boundaries.