Agricultural State Enterprises Installed FCS-3000 Series, Turkey

【Writer/ Dept. of Sales3】

Installation/ BXB FCS-3000 the Conference System
FCS – 3051 x 1 Digital Main Control Unit
FCS – 3071 x 1 Graphical Control Software
FCS – 3015 x 1 Chairman Microphone
FCS – 3012 x 24 Delegate Microphone
BXB C-901 x 1 Camera control unit
DH – 720 x 2 SD camera

BXB’s dealer Sekan Elektronik installed FCS-3000 conference system in Agricultural State Enterprises (TIGEM) conference hall in Ankara city. The project included table-top 1 chairman and 24 delegate microphones, graphical control software, camera control unit with 2 SD camera for image tracking, and main control unit.

Established in 1937, TIGEM plays a significant role in Turkey’s development supporting agriculture and stockbreeding sector. Adapting modern agricultural techniques to develop agricultural industry is their main mission; based on this mission, TIGEM authority organizes various meetings, trainings, and seminars in this conference hall.

Table-top FCS-3015/12 microphones main features are built-in 2.5 inches high-fi loudspeaker and electrets condenser stem microphone, providing fixed/pluggable gooseneck microphone for easier installation and maintenance. Chairman unit’s feature is having “Priority” speak button to override delegate and the alarm sound when delegate-off, quick access to “CHAIRMAN” mode. Moreover, adapted auto scan/test functionality, the LCD monitor of FCS-3051 main control unit displays failure microphone ID to remind the IT administrator to check before meeting starts. It also shows speaking microphone ID numbers and operating modes to enhance the meeting operation.

Sekan Electronik’s director Mr. Okan Sinan highlighted that “BXB high quality of conference system is reliable and compatible price give us opportunity to win the project. FCS-3000 series DIN type of cable is easy to install. The Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) feature and built-in speaker highly matched the customer requirements”. BXB team deeply appreciated this important project in Agricultural State Enterprises in Turkey, we hope that BXB brand will greatly spread in Turkish market in near future.