BXB Introduced Scenario-based Conference Control System in Indonesia

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【Writer/ Dept. of Sales3】

BXB was invited to participate ATEN Solution Day (ASD), taken place on 28th February in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event was organized by ATEN International, the world-leading manufacturer specializing in connectivity and management solutions, along with ATEN distributor Gigantika Pratama Prima, BXB and system integrators to share the world trend, concepts and technology of smart city.

Targeting at the information integration of IoT, BXB introduced the solution for conference room. BXB conference system features stable and outstanding sound quality. The microphone is designed according to user’s needs. For example, when participants are going to share opinions during meetings, most people are likely to forget to press the speaking button. So the service people need to stand by all the time to direct them use the microphone resulting in the meeting procedures interrupted. BXB observed the fact that the participants mostly move close to microphone in order to have their voice received. Therefore, BXB developed voice activation technology with FUN series microphone. It can auto-on the microphone via excellence recognition of speaker’s voice, and would not be affected by the surrounded speakers and applause.

In addition, we also observe that users will stretch their necks unconsciously to get closer to microphone while speaking preventing from poor sound reception. In order to make participants feel more comfortable while sharing their thoughts, BXB made good use of DSP technique that each FCS microphone unit has DSP chip built-in. The technology can auto-adjust the output volume according to speaker’s voice. Being distinct from other conference system, BXB has the technique build in each unit instead of main control one and prevents overloading because of connecting too many units. Therefore, the design enables BXB conference system connect up to 10 chairman and 999 delegate units.

Nowadays conference system not only asks for sound system, image system is also included. Hence, BXB makes the camera connect with microphone. It is needless to assign service people to manually operate camera and track speaker’s image. Cameras need to work with screens, but a single screen can’t meet the various requirements of conference system. Owners usually require multiple monitors or projectors to play the speakers’ image, objects of video conferencing, meeting procedures, PPTs, and so on. The integration of multiple systems, and the operation of numerous main control units or remote controller are the costs for equipment maintenance and personnel.

According to the above needs, BXB can integrate with ATEN’s VK control system to preset the frequently used function key to have one-click management under different meeting situations. The integration mode had already been cooperatively examined by the both original manufacturers BXB and ATEN to let dealers and system integrators can apply directly. We reduce the time not only on writing codes but also the channel personnel training.

BXB highly agrees with ATEN International and promote the concept of smart city together. The second ASD will be hold in the coming April 6th in Singapore. BXB will also join the feast and share the latest IoT solutions.