BXB Intelligent Campus Solution Caught the Public Attention in InfoComm China 2016!

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Writer / VP Office

InfoComm China rounded off perfectly on 15th April, visitors hit the high record this year, which increased 15% compared to the last year. This is BXB’s seventh consecutive year to attend the professional audio and video exhibition in China. We will keep being innovative and to present our latest solution by altering our booth and display more creative and proactive products.

This year BXB focuses on the two iF Design Award winners conference microphone UFO and FUN series, both design concepts put emphasis on users and conference atmosphere. The main idea of UFO appearance endows conference room three novel concepts, harmony, satisfaction and continuity. The four equal side of the square microphone base signifies everyone could carry out a meeting with an equal and impartial heart, leading to a peaceful and win-win outcome.

BXB tried to convey the concept that conference system works with PA system will provide a solution for intelligent campus. In order to let visitors understand the application and structure well, we work hard to come up with the diagram on the wall. “It is critical to let visitors realize the advantage and structure of the solution at the first sight, because that is the key to have them stay longer and ask further,” said Vice President Jerry Hung. BXB presented the complete solution of intelligent campus on the diagram, clearly showing the connection way, type of signal transmission and application, and going with the words of winning iF Design Award two years in a row. Such a presentation successfully caught the public’s attention. Many people not only passed by but also take photos for further information.

The latest BXB ICP-5000 Intelligent Campus solution relies on IP-based structure and integrates with VoIP. Not only sounds but images can be transmitted. Following are the features:

Highly integrated terminal equipments: Various terminal equipments such as emergency call button, door access, IP camera, CCTV, environmental detectors (Seismometers or smoke detector) can be implemented via decoders to realize crime deterrence, security surveillance and instant command for evacuation.

Provide an equal English listening environment: Traditional English tests are usually hold in classrooms. But due to the shortage of classrooms, students only can have test in different schedule and such a situation may lead to different results to lose fairness. ICP-5000 can realize Full HD video and audio output in multi-channel simultaneously. Different grades can have different material to have an efficient and impartial test environment.

Mobile broadcasting: In the intelligent era of Internet, traditional broadcasting that need to be in the broadcast room is no longer acceptable. While bumping into some emergencies like earthquakes or fire that will endanger the safety of students and faculties without providing instant directions. Therefore, BXB invents an APP to enable mobile device as microphone to deliver messages and command to shorten reaction time and minimum the damage.

Electronic billboard and text broadcasting: Due to the rise of ecological awareness, public addressing is not longer restricted to be transmitted via sound. On the other side, playing images and video through electronic billboard is available to publicize policies and activities.

Environmental control and carbon reduction: Making use of GPIO, infrared ray, RS-232/485, Bluetooth, and wi-fi can control the on and off of TVs, projectors, air conditioners, lighting and fan, and sending conditions to realize intelligent management and avoid needless energy loss.

Integrated with AI (Artificial Intelligence): Recently there are more and more campus accidents happening, so it is not enough to merely depend on the surveillance equipments. Integrated with AI technology to have activity and cluster analysis according to hover, bully and invasion behavior. When an accident occurs, system can judge the situation and immediately respond to alarming system to have efficient deterrence and proper reaction.

Integrated with conference system for efficient command: AI can’t deal with everything and someone needs to make decisions. Hence, conference room is the best location for decision makers. Conference rooms are usually used to hold meeting. As combined with public addressing, it turns into real time command and control center. It is impossible for decision maker always stays in the security office to broadcast, so conference room is the most proper place to deliver instant command. Equipments of the conference room is complete. Big screen and microphone enable see the image transmitted via CCTV and have the image captured by IP camera. All information enable decision maker to deliver proper directions.

BXB highly recognizes the hard work from InfoComm authorities and the great emphasis on the interaction between exhibitors, and that is the reason we participate the exhibition annually. We appreciate they see our efforts and acknowledge our values. Jerry Hung, Vice President of BXB, was honored to be invited to deliver a speech “Campus Security and Integrated Solution of Disaster Prevention” during the Summit Forum attracting numerous attendees. Furthermore, BXB also involved the Press Conference of Global Latest Products to introduce the design concept and features of our novel conference microphone. What is different from last year, the location of press conference was located near our booth. InfoComm authorities also invited abundant media for interviewing that we knew our latest product was well known. Besides, BXB also cooperated with InfoComm to be a sponsor giving souvenirs. From all the activities, the BXB brand awareness rose greatly and also became more famous.

At the end, we showed gratitude for our distributor Litron Beijing inviting customers and assisting booth building before the exhibition to make the brand promotion of InfoComm China this year to perfection. We harvested greatly and wish we can progress based on the feedbacks in the future. BXB booth will expand to 28sqm to present more products and solutions next year. See you next year!