BXB’s Exchange Meeting Was Grandly Held in Beijing

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Writer/ Dept. of Sales 2

On 19th October, BXB and the distributor of China, Beijing Litron, co-organized a technical exchange meeting in Vision Hotel, Beijing. We got a successful outcome with many visitors’ participation! These years, Beijing Litron’s General Manager Mr. Cong led his team bringing great achievements of BXB as well as urging BXB being more active on holding more promotional events. The exchange meeting is themed with “IP 4K Cloud Audio & Video Smart Campus Solution”. We shared the concepts of cloud hosting and IoT on smart campus as well as demonstrated BXB’s highlighted products to make the guests know BXB products’ application range and depth and further to enhance guests’ impression and fondness for BXB.

The exchange meeting is divided into two periods. The first period is BXB’s ICP-5000 smart campus solution that includes four themes: broadcasting, teaching, security, and emergency commanding. The PA system in the past is only able to execute “audio” broadcasting with one-way mode. It’s also limited with mobility and flexibility that the administrator should station at the control room or guard room all the time. However, BXB’s ICP-5000 is not only able to execute audio broadcasting, but support video, image, text, TTS (text-to-speech) broadcasting for message announcement. The system is able to work with emergency call devices, door access systems, teaching pre-panels, and environment control (ON/OFF of TVs or projectors) equipment. The using data can be collected and then further analyzed to do the power control. Finally, the big data could be collected as the reference for future product development, which can realize the output cycle of smart products.

To make the guests understand and experience ICP-5000 more, we installed 3 sets of projector systems that represent different using purposes on campus. For example, the system is able to play the same/different HD 1080P videos and to operate TTS for language listening comprehension exam, text announcement, and news ticker. The feature all guests felt the most impressed is that all videos are able to be played simultaneously without any lag! The multi-channel broadcasting also facilitates teachers with switching different multimedia teaching materials during teaching and then sharing the materials to students’ PCs via wireless/paperless mode. The teaching contents can also be recorded for flipped teaching. Moreover, the system is applied with H.264 network streaming technique that is able to let teachers carry out multimedia teaching at single classroom as well as to other classrooms for group teaching. It effectively enhances the teaching efficiency.

The second period of the event is the demonstration of Q.con Video Conferencing Solution. This solution is able to solve some problems that still exist during a video conference. Q.con offers every attendee a personal cardioid microphone that can accurately recognize speaker’s voice and avoid receiving the surrounded noises (paper flipping-through, typing, chairs moving, people’s coughing and so forth). It can also adequately shield off the content of private discussion. Q.con’s speaker’s image auto-tracking and close-up function can totally solve the problem that the accuracy of video tracking is not ideal enough. Since general equipped PTZ camera applies triangulation sound source localization for calculating speaker’s position, the tracking accuracy would vary based on different meeting environments. Therefore, most of users use panoramic modes at meeting instead. However, as a speaker turns on the microphone, Q.con’s HD camera would accurately auto-track the speaker’s image with close-up mode. If another speaker turns on the microphone, the camera would turn to that speaker’s position. It makes you and the other attendees instantly know the present speaker.

To make the demonstration more vivid and real, we called back to BXB’s Taiwan Headquarter by Skype to carry out a video conference. Q.con is able to work with Skype to have a meeting with clear images and excellent quality. BXB’s Vice President Jerry Hung also personally demonstrated speaker’s image auto-tracking. The system could auto-recognize Jerry’s voice and then turn on the auto-tracking mode. Jerry didn’t need to press the speaking button on the microphone to activate this mode. The demonstration impressed the guests very much.

Q.con not only supports Skype, but Wechat, QQ, and Hangouts. Taking Skype as the example, it’s built with 25-point video conferencing for free. Previously, both you and your other side should have a Skype account. Now attributed to WebRTC, just the calling person needs to activate the account, create a web link, and then send the link to other attendees to start a video conference with web browser modes. You don’t need to download extra software and be limited with account registration. Now you can use BXB’s Q.con system with this mode to have a international-scale meeting with the low budget!

BXB appreciates the supports and efforts of Beijing Litron as well as all guests’ participation. The feedback and encouragement we got is the power of our development and progressing! We expect keeping cooperating with Beijing Litron and co-promoting the development of smart campus.