BXB Launch New Application for Earthquake Early Warning

According to the information provided by Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan, is located in the intersection between Eurasian Continent plate and Philippine Sea plate, has frequently earthquake. As highly economic development, the population and buildings of many metropolises are getting higher and more crowded. The latent danger increase a lot. Under the threat of earthquake, the essential of earthquake prevention has become more and more important.

Seismological Monitoring is an important part of earthquake prevention, which especially shows its tremendous effect upon the detection of sensible earthquake and rapid transmission of earthquake information during the 921 earthquake. To proceed Seismological Monitoring, the installation of seismic monitoring machines should be set widely for strong ground motions. Furthermore, the study and application of seismology are based on the analysis and verification of the seismic monitoring network. A broad sense of the seismic monitoring network includes any seismometer can record ground motions and any earthquake related study network, such as GPS studying earthquake precursors and ground water table measurement system.

Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) is the core system to report sensible earthquake of Central Weather Bureau. It has successfully applied to the perdition of several disastrous earthquakes in recent years rapidly providing seismologic parameter and strong ground motions to effectively decrease the impact of earthquake.

Currently BXB cooperates with Seismological Center of Central Weather Bureau for the EEW system. We strongly agree with the concept of Campus Disaster Risk Reduction, so we dedicate to developing EEW system. In order to let more and more people be under the protection of EEW system, BXB expand the system from campus to smartphone apps which is available for Android and iOS, and it can be downloaded for free.
The disaster system just starts, so this version is only available in Taiwan. Many problems will show up and improvements will be needed in the future. If you have suggestions, please kindly share.