BXB shares innovations and releases new products in ISE 2015, Amsterdam

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【Writer/Zolzaya Erdenechimeg】

ISE 2015 took place from 10-12 February 2015, and included over 1,000 exhibitors to Amsterdam RAI location. It was our pleasure to meet old customers, other innovators and integrators during the show. Although we have to compete with numerous well-known brands, we still caught audiences’ eye due to the show of brand new WMP-3000 PA system and FUN series with elegant design.

Visitors and customers highly evaluated the introduction of our WMP-3000 PA system, a product designed to support our customer’s risk and safety policies with a convenient system installation. WMP-3000 adopts dedicated CAT5E cable as a main communication media, integrated with BXB’s decoder and speaker which can be set-up for up to 999 zones. WMP-3000 is operated with BXB’s graphical control software which is accessible from any PC, smart phone, or tablet. WMP-3000 PA system can function as addressable broadcast, multi-channel language teaching, alarming, emergency call, door access and environmental control for schools, community, or city. It is also integrated with earthquake early warning (EEW) system and Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. Only if typing evacuation message in advance, the system would transfer “word message” into “voice messages” automatically as any incident occurs.

The elegantly designed FUN series microphone unit can be gathered together as blocks to increase a conference’s functionality and users’ pleasure. In connection with BXB’s conference graphical control software, you can change each microphone’s number and volume randomly. The microphone number and conference mode are also shown on the LCD display of each unit, making it easier to manage and control.
Each BXB FCS6300 microphone unit has a built-in DSP chip, which performs outstanding voice-activity-detection auto-gain control (AGC) and excellent sound quality. The maximum of 1,009 microphone units can be operated from one main controller. One of our remarkable technical features is that BXB achieves impressive system capacity by means of distributing microphones and adding loops randomly as growing branches of a tree. It is not restricted to only 1-in 1-out daisy-chain structure and provide more connection methods. You can also use BXB’s ring system to ensure that any broken wire will not affect the operation of the system during an ongoing meeting.

In order to realize the convenience of IoT, the main controller can work with mobile platform applied with TCP/IP and wireless technology for system management. You can also purchase BXB software to use mobile devices (smart phone/tablet) or web browser with Wi-Fi as a control panel easily. Now, we are inventing APP for the mobile device with Android system in the coming future.

BXB team will continuously work on new technology and innovation for the best products. We will meet all of you at ISE 2016. See you next year!
Last but not least, we shared with our customers the great news that we get one of the international design awards — 2015 iF product design award for our UFO series. We will have a complete introduction next month.