BXB Launched Recording & Streaming Solution at InfoComm India 2018

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InfoComm India 2018 was held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre from 18th to 20th September. This year total more than 200 exhibitors from 20 countries attended at the show. BXB also exhibited with Indian distributor Univeso Integrated Solutions Private Ltd. and displayed the firstly released products – HDR-731 Recording & Streaming CCU, HDS-720 IP Video Controller and MT-2 AV Multimedia Scheduler. It’s a critical point that newly developed products are introduced to AV professionalists and end users. We much appreciated all visitors’ valuable feedback on the showcased solutions.

BXB卡訊Q.con視訊會議系統展出於2018 InfoComm India印度展
Firstly, HDR-731 is easy, intuitive and user-friendly to operate. Multiple physical control buttons are equipped on the front panel for users to activate functions including recording, live streaming, and layout switching. Here are the main features of HDR-731:
  • 1) 2 HDMI outputs for Multi View monitoring and PGM output.
  • 2) 4 HDMI inputs support 4CH streaming and recording synchronously or separately.
  • 3) PGM output provides various display layouts including quadview, PIP and PBP. It also supports customization based on your demands.
  • 4) Support mainstream streaming modes such as RTMP, HLS, RTSP, and TS.
  • 5) Web interface for management: via TCP/IP control, you can use the PC or mobile device to configure the settings remotely.
  • 6) Provides users with a dedicated USB 3.0 port for instant recording of live video feeds to USB 3.0 or SATA hard disk.
  • 7) Can be applied for any video occasions including meetings, how-to trainings, product demonstrations, and smart classrooms.
BXB recording & livestreaming web-based interface- Dashboard

HDR-731 Web Control Software Interface

BXB卡訊參展於2018 InfoComm India印度展
The second highlight is MT-2 AV Multimedia Scheduler. Briefly speaking, it’s a great equipment for easily executing 12-zone AV broadcasting. Let’s see what can MT-2 do for you:
  • 1) Schedule management: you can preset weekly/specified-date schedule and select holidays for not executing broadcasting.
  • 2) Information display:​ clearly show the local time, weather, and air quality on the monitors or digital signages of the site.
  • 3) TTS (Text-to-Speech) function: just type messages in advance, MT-2 would transform the texts into vocal messages. It saves lots of your time on the recording.
  • 4) Remote control: support TCP/IP control for setting/managing schedules via Microsoft Edge/Chrome web browsers with your PC or mobile devices.
  • 5) Earthquake warning: MT-2 can receive the released earthquake warning from the official weather bureau and then execute emergency broadcasting.

MT-2 Web Control Software Interface

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to BXB distributor Univeso Integrated Solutions Private Limited for the success of the show. “Visitors like the new products, especially the customized PGM layouts and the web GUI; HDR-731 Recording & Streaming CCU and HDS-720 IP Video Controller are expected to be available for delivery in December 2018.” Mr. Raman Kanwar, the director of Univeso commented.

BXB endeavors to offer better products and services, with the integration of multi-variant products and cross-field cooperation. We also select the best partners. With sincerity, we grow and work together with our partners toward success. If you have any questions regarding BXB solutions, our presales team will be happy to organize an online training for you.

BXB卡訊參展於2018 InfoComm India印度展