BXB Strengthens Its Position In East Europe

BXB Strengthens Its Position In East Europe

This time BXB Electronics’s EDC series installed in European Educational Cultural Centre of Zgorzelec Town, Poland. It is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Monacor Poland, BXB’s exclusive distributor, successfully implemented this project and went through a specialized conference system sales network that supports the entire Polish territory.

Originally, Monacor Poland operates in the structures of international concern Monacor International, having its headquarters in Bremen, Germany, as one of the 25 European representations of the group. During this long term of partnership, they offer a friendly customer service, free assistance of advisors regarding equipment selection, technical specifications of the goods, suggestions, configuration, and security system integration.

Current project construction is located at the former POW camp Stalag VIII-A. In January 1941, the classical masterpiece Quartet for the End of Time was played the peremiere in the whole world. This centre provides an opportunity of meetings at the junction of three borders (Polish, German, and Czech), for inhabitants of many nations, offering a wide range of cultural and artistic education. It is going to be activity place attended by educators, artists, children and youth. The center will create opportunities to commemorate the events of World War II prisoner’s with an emphasis on artistic activities.

Among others the object is equipped with spacious conference rooms, which two of them are equipped with BXB conference systems of EDC series with 20 delegate units. EDC series is easy to use which several conference management modes are provided. The users can select their suitable mode in their holding conference to achieve a wonderful used experience. EDC series has built-in speaker which has a clear and pure sound quailty and diminutive feedback. That is, the built-in speaker will be automatically silent to prevent acoustic feedback when turning on microphone.

The installed application including 2 sets of BXB EDC conference system:
EDC 1050 – Main control unit x 1 主機 x 1
EDC 1011 – Chairman unit x 1 主席 x 1
EDC 1012 – Delegate unit x 19 列席 x 19
WM-48B1R – 48cm gooseneck microphone x 20 鵝頸麥克風 x 20
FCS-3690 – 2.5m express connection Y cable x 20 2.5m Y型快速連接線 x 20
FCS 3694 – 20m express connection cable x 1 20m 快速連接線 x 1