BXB’s EDC, UFO, and FCS Conference Systems Are Applied in Tangshan Municipal Public Security Bureau, China

【Writer/ Stacy Chiang】

Tangshan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Hebei Province

Installation Products/
EDC-1150 x 6 Digital Main Control Unit
EDC-1111 x 6 Table-top Chairman Microphone Unit
EDC-1112 x 90 Table-top Delegate Microphone Unit
UFO-2150 x 4 Digital Main Control Unit
UFO-2111 x 2 Table-top Chairman Microphone Unit
UFO-2112 x 67 Table-top Delegate Microphone Unit
FCS-3125 x 1 Flush-mounted Chairman Microphone Unit
WM-48B1R x 178 Gooseneck microphone(48CM)

Simple operation, high stability, and clear acoustic quality are the essential conditions for a conference system. After the strict evaluation of product function and quality, Tangshan Municipal Public Security Bureau finally chose BXB’s system for many important meetings in the future.

Tangshan Municipal Public Security Bureau’s main mission is to maintain political and social order, investigate crimes, manage protesting demonstrations, supervise fire fighting, and handle with residency and entry/exit affairs. Holding meetings is a normal way to assist officials on communication and problem-solving. Efficiency is the key for a meeting; therefore, simple operation and comprehensive interface are particularly important. BXB’s conference system can satisfy the requirements, featuring with beauty, simplicity, and practical utility, and provide a comfortable meeting environment.

This project is done by BXB’s distributor of China- Beijing Litron Ltd (called Litron for short). Litron, established in 2004, is the distributor and system integration consultant of AV products. To see from the slogan, “Unlimited Power to Achieve Excellence”, we can find Litron’s ambition and aggressiveness. This business concept is exactly congruous with BXB’s “Best x Best”. With the leadership and reputation of the General Manager Cong and the accumulation of his managing experiences, Litron is always in the lead in AV integration industry! For the last 5 years, BXB is pleasant with cooperating with Litron. They usually share market information and suggestion of improvement with us and work together with BXB on achieving greater success in China.

Tangshan Municipal Public Security Bureau is installed with BXB’s three main series conference system- EDC, FCS, and UFO. The total is 180 pieces microphones, meeting with the needs of 9 conference rooms with different levels. EDC series has built-in speaker, which is suitable with smaller meeting rooms without extra speakers’ installation. FCS series possesses elegant flush-mounted aluminum panel, which enlarges the space of meeting table and enhances the efficiency of table use. The microphone base would not move or rub against the table. UFO series is designed with round base and hidden speaking button, which is fresh-looking and easily to be recognized. It can also be a decoration if there’s no meeting carrying out. Furthermore, BXB’s microphones can avoid sound feedback and noise; the clear sound quality facilitates speakers expressing their opinions. Combing with all the features: fresh-looking design, outstanding acoustic quality, and flexible operation, BXB’s conference system gains unanimous applause from customers!

During the process of product production and development, BXB also takes the flexibility and compatibility with other AV systems into consideration. Besides BXB’s conference products, Atlas Sound’s professional speaker boxes, Peavey’s audio matrix, and AMX’s central control system are all applied in this project (these brands are distributed by Litron as well). Systems can be compatible with each other and perfectly provide a complete AV solution. Customers not only experience the convenience that technology brings to them, but also feel the diligence of Litron and BXB!

In the future, BXB will still hold the purpose “system stability, simple operation, clear acoustic quality” developing each product. We consider that the most important thing is not pursuing the fancy outlook of products, but meeting with customers’ requirements. That’s the best way to consolidate product’s quality and maintain customers’ trust for long.